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Android Training Institute in Chennai

Where Android used?

Android is an open source platform. It is a widely used operating system in the world, nowadays almost every mobile phones are powered by Android except for iPhone and BlackBerry. It created by Google, you can make the mobile application development from android since it is an open source operating system, it is being used on smartphones, tablets, google tv and other computer devices. Using Android make it easy for the Android application developers to show your creativity and for android app making. The Android operating system is the best platform for mobile application developers. It is very useful for all business companies for developing and promoting their business through the android application.

How can I learn android app development?

First, you have to start learning Java, for which you only need to know the basics of java like oops, class, instances, interface, threads, conditionals statement, loops etc. I recommend you to start learning android app development from an authorized training institute. Henceforth, you will get the knowledge about java depending upon your interest, and then you will learn android programming step by step. After you completing java successfully, you can start the Android developer training at 7pixelz in Chennai. This is the best tutorial for android app development it is very easy to learn to depend upon your interest? Then you can start building your first Android-based applications and when you stuck or have any doubt our trainers will help you. We will offer a live demonstration you can definitely get benefited. After completing your Android app development training course you will be able to build and launch your application in the Google Play store. If you want to start your career in mobile application development course then you're always welcomed at join 7pixelz.

What are the requirements to start an Android developer training?

  • You need to learn Java and XML for designing an app to understand better the concepts of Android programming.
  • Build your first blank application and simply getting run on your phone, this is not a project what you know you will do.
  • Use all the different activities for developing apps it is the quick way to learn.
  • Here I recommend first you to choose what type of android application like the game, quiz, utility etc.
  • So that you definitely can build and release a professional android application.

    Android developer training course syllabus with topics

  • Android activity lifecycle
  • Debugging
  • Screen navigation, task and back stack
  • Context in android
  • Shared preferences
  • Recycler-view android
  • Fragment
  • Viewpager
  • Dialog and dialog fragments
  • Threading
  • Third party libraries
  • Networking in android
  • Database and ORM
  • Service and Intent Service
  • Which one is the authorized training institute in Chennai?

    Are you still searching for best android app development training institute in Chennai? 7Pixelz is one of the best android app development training institute and you will gain a lot of knowledge about android app development since MNC professional trainers will be providing lectures and guiding the students throughout the course. Our experienced professionals make the difference and increase your creative skills and knowledge. Even if you don’t have the programming knowledge, they will teach you with their pedagogy that will help to grasp the concepts and ideas effortlessly. 7Pixelz is the best place to learn new technologies with reasonable cost for android app development training. 7pixels is the best-authorized training institute all over Chennai, who are training the students to be skillful with respect to the computer science & engineering and its related field. And Android app development courses is one among their many best-taught courses. According to my resources, 7pixelz is the authorized training institute in Chennai.


    What is the course duration and fees structure for android developer training?

  • For 60hours duration Android programming course, classes taken by all days with reasonable costs, The students allowed to pay the fees in installments.
  • Every course provided by affordable cost by professional IT expert.
  • Only live projects 20% theory and 80% practical so you build mobile application very easily.
  • After completion, you can start and build a successful career in IT.
  • How are the opportunities for completion of training in android app development?

  • Android developer training will guarantee the job for students. Also, we give unlimited interviews until you get a job
  • Make more job opportunities in java and android technologies.
  • You gain more knowledge about android storage.
  • You can launch your own application in play store.
  • You will certified as a Google Android developer by 7pixelz which is an authorized training institute in Chennai.
  • Have questions on Android training in Chennai? We are happy to help!