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Software Testing

Software Testing is checking using the functions and features of anapplication created by the development team, to ensure that which is this working as per the requirement specification of the Customer. This is called as "Software Testing".

Who can test the software?

Once the requirement has been obtain from the customer. After the development team understanding in to the requirement of the coding and creating the software. Than developing team will be given to testing team. After the testing team checking the software working properly or not. Developer, Tester and Customer all three can to the testing.

Why do we need separate testing team to testing the software?

Developers will think in signle point of view, where as the testing engineer should be thinking from mulitiple point of view.

Understanding the CRS by the developer might be tn wrong perspective and hence if same person do the testing, the same wrong software might be the output. So, when the testing person is working in he may arrive at right one.

Time taken for the delivery increases if same person do the developing, testing and fixing issues. So to reduce the turnaround time for the delivery of the software to the customer, we need to have work allocation between teams.

Developers may be over confident and they may be end up without finding issues.

Types of Software Testing

Two different types of testing. There are,
1. Manual Testing
2. Automation Testing

Manual Testing

Understanding the requirements and testing the application by entering the test cases manually. This is known as manual testing.

Test Case

Test case is an one of the document, which is consist of instruction or procedure to verify the functionality of the an application. These instruction or procedure are prepared based on understanding the CRS.

Automation Testing

  • Automation Testing is a process of converting manual test case into automation test scripts or program by using a tool. Which the application is tested in automation testing.
  • No manual effort is used, by using a tool they used to test an application.
  • Test Automation is executed by the tester to test the software by using a tools like Selenium. Automation Testing is especially practiced to re-run the test scripts that are performed frequently, in a quicker amount of time. Automation testing can be done with various software’s which includes Selenium.
  • What is test script?

  • Manual test cases is converted into a script (or) program is known as “test script”.
  • Test script is a script or program to check the application automatically.
  • Why should we go for automation testing?

  • Repeatability is high
  • Build should be stable.
  • For example: Calculator function in windows vista, XP, windows7, windows8.
  • Advantages of automation testing?

  • We go for automation testing because it avoid manual efforts.
  • Time taken to test the software decreases.
  • Cause effective.
  • Accuracy.
  • Highly reliable (Every instance it check all conditions).
  • Upgradation
  • Consistance
  • Syllabus for Automation testing with Selenium:

  • Introduction of Automation Testing
  • Core Java
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • TestNG Framework
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Locators
  • Testing Frameworks
  •      Keyword driven Framework
         Data driven framework
         Hybrid Framework
  • Selenium Grid
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