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Web design Training Institute in Chennai

What is Web Designing?

In simple terms, it is the process of designing the website for better User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). In technical terms, it is the process of designing that involves the website structure and architecture, graphic design, user interface, web layout, colours, images, contents, fonts, icons, navigation ergonomics, user experience design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why you should take a web designing course in Chennai at 7PIXELZ?

7PIXELZ offers the best web designing course in Chennai. Web design course in Chennai will be guided and taught by the highly experienced professionals who are working in top MNC's in India and who worked abroad. 7PIXELZ has so far trained 500+ students and helped them to be successful in their domain. In addition to that, we provide 100% Placement assistance to get hired by the top companies in India.

However, there is no assurance for placement guarantee. Learning web designing course at 7PIXELZ will also help you spruce up your resume with a strong portfolio. We are one of the top institutes for Web Designing course and training in Chennai.

Web Designing Course's Syllabus

Web designing course includes the following curriculum. This curriculum will cover the basics of each and every topic. No prior knowledge is required to learn web designing course in Chennai.


HTML is an abbreviation for Hyper Text Mark up Language. HTML is the basic and fundamental requisite for creating and designing the web page. In fact, search engines can read only the HTML pages. So HTML is very important for web designing. The syllabus for HTML is as follow as

  • 1. Introduction to HTML
  • 2. HTML tags and Formatting
  • 3. Elements and Attributes
  • 4. Adding Links and anchor text
  • 5. Embedding Graphics
  • 6. Creating Tables and Lists
  • 7. Web layouts
  • 8. Animation and Multimedia
  • 9. HTML design guidelines


CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading style sheet which is part of HTML. CSS is used to alter almost anything on a webpage. CSS can change text colors, fonts, web layout. CSS will give you a basic understanding of the Web Designing course.

  • 1. Overview of CSS
  • 2. Types of CSS
  • 3. Inheritance and Order
  • 4. Formatting Content and Background
  • 5. CSS Classes and Attributes
  • 6. Creating HTML tags
  • 7. Block-level Elements
  • 8. Document Object Model


Javascript is used to create the interaction between the user and website or web page.

  • 1. Introduction to JavaScript and Ajax
  • 2. Syntaxes
  • 3. Developer Essentials
  • 4. Variables and Operators
  • 5. Coding
  • 6. User Interaction
  • 7. JavaScript Essentials
  • 8. Creating Forms and Events
  • 9. Functions


Jquery is basically a JavaScript library. Jquery is also important for web designing. Jquery can make it much easier to use JavaScript on the website.

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Selectors
  • 3. Jquery ñ DOM
  • 4. Jquery Events
  • 5. Ajax
  • 6. UI

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Course Features

  • Course duration 10 days
  • Total Lectures 30
  • Certification yes