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10 Reasons to learn Java

Why Java is Popular

Java is one of the most popular and most used programming languages around the globe. Java is also a fundamental programming language that anyone can choose. And Java has proven it in the last two decades. 20 years is considered as a success for any programing language, and Java has gained popularity every single day. Since it is the most widely used programming language, learning Java is the first thought that comes into mind who is considering to learn programming language. Java has been outstanding in the past, present and will be in the future. Because Java substantial and groundbreaking changes are getting only better. Right from changes made in Java 5 in the form of Enum, Generics, and Autoboxing and in Java 6 performance improvement, purposeful programming exploitation of lambda expressions in Java 8. To make things much more interesting Java happens to be Google's first choice of a programming language when it comes to android phones and the development of its app. All these things make Java as the most sought programming language.

In terms of Job opportunities, Java outscores every single programming language in the market. Because you will be able to get tons and tons of Jobs opportunities when you learn the Java programming language. Once you learn Java course completely, you can either choose to develop core Java-based server-side web applications, J2EE web and its associated applications and may even choose Android-based mobile application development.

10 reasons why should you learn Java

  • Easy to Learn
  • Object Oriented Programming Language
  • Lot of High paying job opportunities
  • Rich API
  • Universal Usage
  • Powerful development tools like Netbeans, Maven and Eclipse
  • Large community and Excellent support
  • Tons of Resources
  • Open source Libraries
  • It is free of cost
  • It is highly versatile
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