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10 hard truths Java developers must accept

Most of the time people feel that programming when they learn Java is that it could be rewardful expertise, with no downside to it and additionally it is not too difficult to solve. Perseverance, intuition, the proper tool - all of these come together smoothly to provide elegant, substantial code. But then an unskilled deployment, endless feature request from the active community, or a poorly documented update with incapacitating dependencies all comes into one place making Java unpalatable for few people.

It normal for a Java Developer to think they would like to and in fact, it is fair to wish that their every effort had an enduring impact, that the services their apps rely on would be rock-solid, that they might get the respect that they deserve, if only from people who should understand better. However, sometimes the cold and harsh realities in the world of programming get in the way. This doesn't mean their efforts and skills are going to go in vain. Whatever it could be, it does mean they have got some exhausting truths to admit. Here are nine hard truths that every Java developers and programmer must learn to accept and live with it.

  • It's all about if-then-else statement
  • Web is just a data stored in tables
  • Users and clients impose their own perspective
  • Sometimes your codes will never be used
  • Scope creep is inevitable
  • Less important to ideas and misunderstanding between the clients or team leader
  • Privacy issues
  • Trust issues
  • Bitrot Happens
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