9 Reasons why your website isn't shown on Google

It could be quite devastating when your website doesn't show up on Google even after you spare no efforts in terms of all aspects of SEO. But the worst thing is that you might not have any idea what's wrong with your website and what's impeding website from being shown on Google and other search engines. You may have worked around the clock optimizing your website for search engine following all suggested methods of On-page SEO, Technical SEO and Off-page SEO. But still, you might not be getting the result you expected. There is a thing or two, you might always miss and most important there could be several things preventing your website from showing up in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). To understand the fundamentals of SEO and how search engine works, it is highly recommended around the globe to take up SEO course or Digital marketing training. Or else for easy and quick results, you could hire an SEO company or Digital marketing company.

But one good thing when your website doesn't show up on Google, most of the things are easily fixable even if you're a beginner. Those issues are fixable to one or few degrees. Even small mistakes can cost you colossally when it comes to SEO. This blog will highlight the top 9 fixable issues when your website doesn't show up on Google even after months and months of hard working. Check out 9 reasons why your website does not appear on Google.

  • Your website may be too new to Google
  • Your website may lack high quality and convincing content
  • Your website may have duplicate or plagiarized content
  • Your website might be blocked from indexing and crawling either by robots.txt or no index tag
  • Your website may lack high-quality backlinks
  • Your website may have very shallow internal linking
  • Your website or domain may not have high Domain authority
  • Your website might not have "search intent"
  • Your website may be penalized by Google/li>
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