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Advantages of Java over Kotlin

Java is a simple, high level programming language and computing platform which was released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Since then Java has become most preferred and most popular programming language around the globe. Java has been upgraded to umpteen versions with Java 11 being the latest version of Java. Owing to the advantages and benefits, Java language has gained widespread popularity with multiple configurations. All these updated configurations have made Java a platform independent programming language which includes Macintosh, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mobile applications and some software for enterprise application.

One key reason why Java code holds a special place in the hearts of several programmers is due to the incontrovertible fact that you need to write a program only once and it will run on absolutely anywhere in the world without any necessary modifications. It is a well known fact that Java is object-oriented meaning that programs and codes are simple and straightforward. Java code is often reused, and maintaining its code is less complicated than other programming languages. Also, for Java programming, you will additionally have to use Raspberry pi to follow and learn all the fundamentals.

Owing to all these benefits, Java has become the go to option for Android Developers. But still there is competition for Java which is obviously Kotlin. Kotlin has gained all popularity after Google announced it as the official programming language for Android Development. But nowadays, many Android Development Training Institutes have started teaching both Java and Kotlin. Let us see why Java is better Kotlin

Benefits of Java over Kotlin in Android Development

  • Straight forward and readable syntax
  • No null “safety”
  • Classes are not final by default
  • No operator overloading
  • No implicit executable code
  • Optional or no type inference
  • One class per file restriction
  • We have static methods/variables
  • No extension functions
  • No variable name shadowing
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