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Are you searching for the best Android Training in Chennai? 7Pixelz is the best Android Training Institute in Chennai offering an Android course in Chennai with real-time examples. Our teaching faculties are industry experts who will handle Android training in Chennai. Android Course in Chennai is also known as Mobile App Development Course in Chennai. 7Pixelz, the best Android Training Institute in Chennai, offers free demo class before enrolling.

App Development Course in Chennai

Android is an operating system (OS) for smartphones and tablets developed by Google. Android is a Linux based OS. Since the penetration for android-based smartphones and tablets is immense, learning Android App development course in Chennai will help any student get a lucrative job. And owing to the increased usage of Android phones and it's powerful features, Android course in Chennai will help to develop app not only mobiles phones but also for Smart TV, digital cameras and other electronic devices. As we all know, Android is the most popular operating system and the best platform for app development. Because almost 75% of app developers use android for developing apps. And the interesting fact is that Andriod is being used in more than a billion smartphones and tablets combined. Since most of the world's population uses android-based smartphones and devices, there is a very high demand for Android Training in Chennai and Android app developers. 7Pixelz's Android Training in Chennai will provide intense training to gain in-depth knowledge on Android app development course in Chennai.

Android Training in Chennai will help you learn and get hands-on experience with the important topics about Android app development course in Chennai. Android app development platform offers that you need for developing an impeccably amazing android application which includes Operating System (OS), middleware and key mobile applications. Once you complete the Android Training in Chennai, you will be able to develop core applications, third party software for smartphones and utility applications. With android app developing the platform, you can explore many things as it offers access to innumerable resources, tools and libraries which can be integrated with the latest technologies to create stunningly flawless apps for smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs.

It is a very well known fact that Android is an open-source platform for developing apps which lets anyone create or integrate its resources with forefront technologies. Our teaching faculties are well-versed with the latest technologies and will impart in-depth knowledge about app developing through the best Android training in Chennai. After successful completion of Android course in Chennai, you will be able to develop or create an innovative and stunning mobile application for any smart devices. Our industry experts will provide the best career and job assistance.

Since the penetration of technologies, smartphones and smart devices is astoundingly colossal, the mobile application development (App development) has gained massive popularity among students. And it could only get better in the future as the technologies are never going to stop evolving. Our app development training in Chennai will cover all the latest topics and advanced android training will be provided to our students to make sure that they are satiated with our Android Course in Chennai. Taking Android Training in Chennai from our industry professionals will give you the confidence to face new challenges in Smartphone App Development.

Android Training in Chennai will promise you a lucrative and highly satiated career for all our students. And if you're looking for the best Android course in Chennai, then you're at the right place. Call +91 72000 37781 to know the course details, fees and batch timings.

Why should you learn Android Development course in Chennai?

Smartphones have become ubiquitous and inevitable of our life in today's digital-driven world where one can't survive with it. To keep up this standard, Google strives hard to cater to better technology as a result of this Android is evolving perpetually. Initially, Android OS was developed by Android Inc. which is then acquired by Google in 2005. Owing to this gigantic mountainous popularity, companies have started investing in creating best and unique Android apps like Games, music players, cameras and so much more exciting apps. Also, companies are investing boatloads of money in this and are hiring professionals with certified experience in Android App Development readily compared to the professionals in the other mobile tech. Today most of the smartphones are equipped with a touch screen so Android is also developed to meet this and other several requirements. Since there is increased usage of smartphones across the globe, Android has become one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones. There are over 3 million apps are available to download in the Google Play Store and among that there are over several hundreds of thousands of apps are free to download in Google Play Store every day which are developed by android developers across the globe. This is a substantial reason to believe that mastering android development skills and it guarantees your future employability.

It is a well-known fact that is India is one of the fastest growing countries as far as the IT market is concerned. This implies that there will be enormous job opportunities for Android Developer in India and it holds propitious scope for Android Development not just in India but rest of the world.

In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the number of smartphones users across the world and it is getting better and better. Among all other countries with the most number of active smartphone user, India stands in the second place. To simply put, out of 6 billion smartphone users in the world, India solely contributes to 1 billion users which is almost 70% of total Indian Population. To make things even more interesting, it is reported that more than 1 million users join this group every single month. Most of the programmers are keen to learn to Android development for the same reason - Android has the world by storm. Android development is one field where there are very high job opportunities. Because of this high demand for Android Developer and the programmers find this is a driving force to learn Android Developer.

Overview Of Android Course in Chennai

  • How to create Android apps for mobile devices
  • IDE set up to develop and test app in devices
  • How to place buttons, images and other widgets using XML-based layouts
  • How to work for various phone models and sizes
  • To work on phone roation, different keyboard input and touch screen models.
  • To understand how to work on pop up and display notifications.
  • Flow chart of complete app development
  • To understand how app works when interrupted by calls
  • How to embed SQLite database, how to connect webservices and Java Libraries
  • How to integrate the builtin services with the app like MapView, location services, voice, camera and others
  • How to incorporate accelerometer

Prerequisites for Android Training in Chennai

Knowledge in programming languages, scripting and Java will be added advantage.

Course Overview

Getting Started with Android App Development

  • Fundamental Components of Android Phones and Tablets
  • Installing and Configuring Eclipse to Create Apps
  • Simulator Understanding Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Creating the User Interface (UI)

  • Core Components of Android User Interfaces (UIs)
  • Using Android’s XML-Based Layout System to Define UIs
  • Common Widgets
    • Buttons
    • Labels
    • Labels
  • UI Layout Best Practices

Mastering User Interface Layouts

  • Pros And Cons of Different Layout Models
  • Using Containers to Control the Location of Widgets
  • Defining a Widget's Position Relative to Other Widgets
  • Overlapping Widgets
  • Using Table-Based
  • Layouts Enabling Scrolling

Menus, ActionBars and Popups

  • Adding Traditional Application Menus to Apps
  • Displaying Context Menus When Users Tap and Hold
  • Using Actionbars (Toolbars For Android Apps)
  • Displaying Popup Messages

Working with App Activities and Intent Filters

  • The Application Activity Lifecycle
  • Saving Data when Apps are Paused Or Killed
  • Using Threads to Run Background Services
  • Launching Sub-Activities
  • Handling Phone Calls
  • Optimizing Device Resources

Saving Files and Images

  • Storing Images, Strings and Arrays
  • Playing Audio and Video Files Best
  • Practices for Saving Files Creating
  • and Storing Wallpapers

Handling Rotation and Different Screen Sizes

  • Different Strategies for Handing Screen Rotations
  • Controlling UI Changes when Screens Rotate
  • Issues Related to Tablets and Larger Screens
  • Creating UIs that are Compatible with All Screen Sizes (Right-Sizing)

Deploying to Android Devices

  • Checking for and Requiring Phone or Tablet Features
  • Deploying to the Android Store
  • Deploying Directly to Devices

Accepting User Input

  • The Android Input Method Framework
  • Getting Input from Attached and/or Internal Keyboards
  • Processing Choices with Selection
  • Lists Adding Icons to Selection Lists
  • Using Sliders and Checkboxes
  • Using Date and Time Pickers
  • Responding to Taps And Swipes

Advanced User Interfaces and the WebKit Browser

  • Embedding HTML Content in Apps with WebKit
  • Displaying Analog and Digital Clocks
  • Using Tabs to Display Multiple UIs
  • Applying Standard Styles and Fonts
  • Creating Reusable UI Components with Fragments

Data Management

  • Embedding SQLite Databases
  • Apps Permanently Storing Data in Local Databases
  • Retrieving Database Data when Apps Start
  • Best Practices for Data Management

Using Java Libraries and Web Services

  • Using Pre-Compiled Java Libraries
  • Connecting to Web Services (such as Google Maps)
  • Downloading Internet Content

Working with Built-in Android Features

  • Accessing and Using MapView
  • Getting the Location of the Phone Or Tablet
  • Working with the Camera
  • Working with Permissions and the Security Framework

Alternative Development Options and Other Resources

  • Building Apps with PhoneGap
  • Using Flex, Air and Other Development Options Locating
  • Resources and Help

Why should I learn Android App Development Course in Chennai?

Umpteen reports confirm that almost 90% of smartphones users around the globe are using Android based smartphone. Since Android is endorsed and owned by Google, people trust Google trademark product and opt for Android based smartphone in the future and it could only get better. 7Pixelz's Android Course in Chennai will teach you to develop apps for the most popular platform.

Hence, all technology organizations are working on research with android features and investing heavily in this vertical. By attending this course one will learn to build an android application which will land them a job or become an independent developer.

What will you accomplish from Android Training in Chennai?

Expert Training - for Android Course in Chennai

7Pixelz, the best Android Training Institute in Chennai, highly cares for student's career. So, our Android Training in Chennai will be trained by the industry experts and professionals who are experienced for almost 8 years in App development. Our teaching faculties are well-rehearsed with the latest technological updates and we can ensure that you will be trained to the industry standard effectively and efficiently. Android Course in Chennai will be quite beneficial for the students who really want to pursue a career in Android App development.

Get Trained with the Real time Projects

7Pixelz's Android Training in Chennai lets the students to work with real time projects. This will help the students to get practical knowledge and get the idea of what they will be working on after successful completion of Android Course in Chennai. Our teaching faculties will make sure that you find the right track in Android App Development. Android training will be provided with a pragmatic approach so that students can learn from their mistakes. And our students are given complete freedom to come up with their own idea and create that idea into a mobile app.

What is the course duration for Android Course in Chennai?

Android Training in Chennai will be covered within 30 hours spread over 15 days. You will be coming for a face-to-face class/training to the best Android training institution in Chennai to learn android app development.

Why 7pixelz for Android Training in Chennai?

7pixelz is the best Android app development training institution in Chennai for a student who wants to pursue a career in app development. The academy has been the top in technical training courses among students for the last decade.

This course has been designed by industry experts in the online eCommerce sector. Once you complete this course, you can get a lucrative job in the field. A course completion certificate will be given, which is recognized by the top companies.

By studying in 7pixelz academy’s android course, you will be industry ready to join any IT firm to build android application. This app training course in Chennai is rated one of the top 5. This course has been designed by industry leader in online ecommerce sector. Once you complete this course the person can get a lucrative job in the field. A course completion certificate will be given.

The content of this android app development course is extensive and covers all aspects.

Will I get any certification on completion of Android course in Chennai?

You will receive a course completion certificate on successful completion of Android Training in Chennai.

When will the classes be held?

There are two class modules - weekdays and weekends. Total course is for 30 hours and it will be spread over 15 weekday classes and 8 weekend classes.

What system requirements does one need for the course?

  • Laptop with OS such as Mac OS X, Windows or Linux
  • Android phone device
  • Good Text / JavaScript Editor (Notepad++ / SublimeText / Brackets / Atom )

Who should attend the course?

Anyone who wants to start a career fresh in IT mobile technology industry, one who is looking to join an app development institution in south Chennai. With or without the knowledge of mobile programming. Anyone who needs more advance mobile programming training. This android development courses will provide you with the best introduction to app development skills

Course Materials

We will provide you will the course materials and study materials once you have joined the course.

Career Support

We will support the students to join as interns in give companies and also assist in placement as android app developers.

Full Name
Email Address
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Course Features

  • Course duration 10 days
  • Total Lectures 30
  • Certification yes