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Average Salary range of Web Designer

Career in Web Designing

Web designing is one of most sought career for anyone and even for a person who is yet to join web designing course. Web designing is the key aspect for any business and it is regarded as one of the important marketing strategies to acquire new customers. In fact, a web designer is in high demand for big companies like Oracle, Wipro, Cognizant and almost every single IT companies. Since the number of business online keeps increasing every single day, the need of web designers is also increasing, according to several reports. Such a high number of websites live on the internet implies that the demand for a web designer will go up high in the near future of advanced technology. Because the predominant purpose of business to come online is to acquire more customer and to accomplish that an attractive website is must which can be created by the web designers.

Although there are lot of rumours saying that web designing should be able to develop a website on both front end and back end more like web developer, there is a huge difference between a web designer and web developer. But this doesn't mean that the web designing is out of trend rather it keeps evolving. The changes and updates include improved compatibility (responsiveness), User interface (UI), User Experience (UX) and speed enhancements with respect to ever-changing search engine algorithm perspective in the digital marketing perspective. Since web designers offer greater customization in creating a website, it's currently the one of the fields where there is ample number of job opportunities around the globe. Therefore, the scope and future of web designing is very bright and sound, if you're looking to pursure a career as a web designer.

Average salary of Web designer

The average salary of web desingers influenced by various factors like Skillset, Experience, Qualification, Academics, Portfolio, Negotiating skills and so on. Hiring the skilled and experienced web designer across the world is also greatly influenced by starting salary, location, and the competition on the market. So it is quite important to understand what the average salary of web designer in India. The average salary of a Web designer generally varies from company to company. If you're a fresher who has just completed Web designing course, then you're starting salary might be ranging from Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000 p.m. After gaining considerable years of experience, you can get a monthly salary ranging from Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000. If you have very high experience and knowledge, then you can earn six figure income.

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