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Average Salary range of PHP Developer

PHP is the most popular and versatile programing language that has been the backbone of many websites on the internet even today. In fact, PHP is being used by almost by 80% of the website on the internet as server-side scripting or programming, according to many reports. Such a high range of websites running on PHP implies that the demand for PHP developers ought to stay high furthermore, particularly since it appears to be attracting new developers faster compared to other programming languages like Java, Python and so on.

Demand of PHP developers

Even though there are lot of rumors pertaining to PHP that it has lost its fame and popularity in recent years, it keeps ever-changing. The changes and updates embody and embraces improved compatibility, usability and speed enhancements which is the latest enhancements that have come with new PHP version 7.0 release. Since PHP offers greater customization and being the open source network, it's currently the second most preferred and popular programming language on the internet for many web developers. Therefore, PHP is the fifth most popular programming language overall, with 5.9 million PHP developers across the world.

The average salary of PHP developers depends on various factors like Experience, Qualification, Academics, Performance record, Skills set, Negotiating skills and so on. Hiring the skilled and experienced PHP developers also greatly influenced by starting salary, location, and the competition on the market. So it is quite important to understand what the average salary of PHP web developer in India. Here’s an outline of various PHP developer salary levels across India. Since PHP developers are in high demand in India, it would be wise to pursue a career as PHP developer. One can become a highly reputed PHP developer just by taking up an advanced PHP crash course.

  • Average PHP developer salary is around Rs.20,000 per month for fresher
  • Average Junior PHP developer salary is around Rs.65,000 per month
  • Average Senior PHP developer salary will be ranging from Rs.12 LPA to Rs.21 LPA
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