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Basic Android App Development Principles

Developing an Android app will not happen overnight because How an Android app is designed will determine how the good is the User Interface and User Experience (UI & UX). Most people often think that epiphanic moment will come out of nowhere. But typically, most of the times the ideas are inspired and implemented. Because most of the students are taught in relation to other Android development. So if you want to be creative and innovative in Android development, then you should take up 7Pixelz's Android Development Training in Chennai where students are trained and taught to create a creative and innovation Android application in a cool way. This helps students and trainees to get a better understanding of in depth concepts and principles of Android Development.

The main purpose of this articles is to highlight the basic Android app development principles that you help develop much better Android especially if you are a Beginner and Intermediate level. These principles will help you familiarize the basic and fundamental concepts that you may often overlook during the app development process. You should always keep in the mind that even a small degree of error or mistake will lead to having an adverse effect on the outcome of the Android App. It also promotes to practice the essential principles of Android app Development. So that you will comprehend what is important for creating a valuable Android app product for the customer.

Basic Rules of Android App Development

  • Analyse User Requirements
  • Optimize Performance of your app
  • Responsive User Interface (UI)
  • Balance Functionality and creativity
  • Integer Vs Float
  • Avoid Virtual Method calls within the class
  • Mobile Application Usability Testing
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