Basic SEO Audit

SEO audit is a crucial aspect of best SEO practices. Be it a small business or large website. Devising a well-planned SEO audits will skyrocket the Google rankings sooner or later. SEO audit is more like a SWOT analysis which segregating your website's Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats and make amendments accordingly to overcome or fix the existing problem. By doing an effective SEO audit, it will help you highlight the areas which need more attention. And to make things easy, there are umpteen tools online that provide extensive SEO audit but most of the tools out there are paid tools. But learning how to devise SEO audit for your website will save you a lot of money. To do so, it is quite important the fundamentals of SEO which can be done by taking up an SEO training or Digital course. Or you can hire an SEO company or digital marketing company who will provide extensive SEO audits and its reports on a monthly basis.

It is best advised to acquire the skills to perform basic level SEO audit will really you in the long run. SEO audit is standard procedure for any website regardless of its size. SEO audit is purely done for marketing purpose. By carrying out a well-planned SEO audit, it will better insights of your own website or webpage. You can rectify your own mistakes effectively. SEO audit is a great way to enhance your website's performance on Search Engine and its SERP.

Here are the tools required for SEO audit

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster or Search Console
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Google Structured Data Testing tool

Basic SEO audit Checklist

  • Check if all the pages are Mobile-friendly
  • Check if Google Indexes only one version of your website (Either https or http)
  • Check the page speed scores using Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Deindex redundant pages
  • Optimize sitemaps and robots.txt
  • Fix indexing problems every now and then
  • Keep an eye on your organic traffic either using Google Analytics or Google Webmaster
  • Fine tune On-page SEO frequently
  • Assess your backlinks or external links
  • Check for Broken links often and fix it immediately
  • Competitor Analysis and benchmarking with your competitor
  • Add more high quality content
  • Enhance user experience (UX)
  • Simple Website Architecture
  • Optimize all the pages for Google's Featured Snippets
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