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Benefits of Kotlin in Android Development

There is no doubt that Java is the most popular and most preferred programming language not just for computers but also for developing Android apps. Ever since its release by Sun Microsystems, Java has remained as one of the top programming language in the world. With Object-oriented and class-based, Java has strong foundation even though when there are umpteen number of programming language in the market. But as time flies by, Java is now becoming stale with no exciting features and benefits while other programming language are released with burgeoning pace. This is the reason why now Java is considered as outdate programming language and for the same reason the programming language like kotlin has taken over the place of Java when it narrows down to Android app Development. Owing to this fact, Android Development Training Institutes have also started including Kotlin in their syllabus.

The official stable version of Kotlin was released to public by the JetBrains in 2016. Ever since this release. Kotlin has gained popularity among the Java developer in Android Developmen. It gained more fame and popularity When Google announced that it one of the official language developing Android apps.Since then Kotlin have become the official and first preference programming language for Android for many business users and Java Development. This has raised a serious question about the longevity of Java. For a decade, Java played an ultimate role in developing in Android app with substantial foundation. But with Kotlin, the total game has now changed. So let's take a look at benefits of Kotlin.

Advantages of Kotlin in Android Development

  • Less code
  • Co-ordinates with existing Java Code
  • Multi-platform Development
  • More Reliable
  • Easy to Learn
  • Strong Community
  • More Safety
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