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Best Android Development Tips

In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the number of smartphones users across the world and it is getting better and better. Among all other countries with the most number of active smartphone user, India stands in the second place. To simply put, out of 6 billion smartphone users in the world, India solely contributes to 1 billion users which is almost 70% of total Indian Population. To make things even more interesting, it is reported that more than 1 million users join this group every single month. So, all these data clearly implies one thing that Android Market is never going to go down, not even by a fraction of percentages as the people are demanding better and better application for their smartphones.

There are over hundreds and thousands of android apps being submitted on Google Play every day. So, all above metioned reasons and advantages establish a compelling reason to develop android app any business. However, developing android apps is sometimes a hectic and complicated job. In order to become a successful Android Developer make sure that you have mastered Android Development course and its important concepts. Because there are a lot to be considered when it comes to developing an Android app. But there are few steps to make things easier to build or develop an Andriod which will be discussed in this blog.

So if you want to develop a mobile application on Android, there are certain thing you should follow to make the whole process of developing easier and time saving. Follow the following steps to create amazing android apps easily and time efficiently.

Tips to create better Android apps

  • Understand how framework works
  • Make use of Resource online
  • Never stop learning
  • Practices Efficient Memory Management
  • Always keep responsive app design in mind
  • Always keep testing your app
  • Strong Understanding of Agile and Waterfall Management
  • Try to keep it lightweight
  • Learning better programming language
  • Efficient time management
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