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Top Javascript framework in 2020

Java and Javascript have taken the world by storm in the field of application development at the of 2019 compared to other programming languages. However, Java has been into existence for more than 20 years now. So the skilled developers and beginners who have just complete Java course could be on the lookout for trends to follow. These trends embody the most effective features offered in web development industries. Among those feature, the things that top the list is frameworks. To be specific, it is JavaScript Frameworks since it is the most sought programming language today.

What Is JavaScript?

Well, as a developer if you do not understand what JavaScript is, then you need to start learning the basic of Java first. JavaScript, usually known as JS by the professional coders, is a high-level compiled and multi-paradigm programming language which is part of Java programming language. JavaScript includes dynamic scripting or coding, prototype-based object oriented programming together with curly brace syntax. Owing to the actual fact that almost all android apps, as well as the source-code itself, is coded with JS. This is what makes Java the distinguished programming language in the world nowadays.

Most used JavaScipt Framework in 2020

  • React
  • Angular JS
  • Ember
  • VUE JS
  • Node JS
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