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Best SEO Practice that everybody should follow

It is normal even for SEO experts and SEO companies to miss out some of the SEO fundamentals once in a while. Because there is no single procedure to optimize a website or webpage when it comes to SEO. Since there are so many procedures to follow and those procedures might vary depending on the business, it is hard for anyone to remember all the steps and it is natural for humans to forget. These things could be real hard for beginners who have just taken up or completed SEO course or Digital marketing training. Because they might not have a pragmatic approach in optimizing a website for search engine. But missing out fundamental of SEO could cost your online business everything. Firstly, it will affect your rankings and eventually, everything falls apart.

So we have done enough research to gather the best SEO practice to keep up your rankings and business run smoother than ever. This blog will encompass the most obvious and common SEO tips and tactics which are taken for granted often. Check out 12 best SEO tips and tactics to follow always.

  • Use Https
  • Have good page speed score for all devices
  • Curate for high quality content for high search potential keywords
  • Page title and meta tags
  • Focus more on Off-page SEO
  • Optimize images with proper alt texts and make it responsive
  • Mobile friendly webpages
  • Focus on Site Architecture
  • Focus on Local SEO
  • Optimize URLs with keywords
  • Optimize robots.txt and sitemap.xml
  • Strong internal linking
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