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Best UI and UX tips for Android Development

Android app has already taken the world by storm and companies are also started investing boatload of money to develop killer Android application. Almost every business has upgraded to online and the demand for Android app keeps growing every day. Because of this, the design of the application plays a crucial role in the success of the app. Because much better UI and UX will retain the users and also will attract new customer eventually. So it is highly recommended to take the design aspects into consideration while developing an Android app. The quality of the app, User Experience and User Interface is what differentiates a good app from bad app.

Today, mobile users expect tons from an app: quick loading time, simple navigation & usability and flawless interaction. If you would like your app to be successful, you've got to contemplate UI & UX to be not simply a minor side of design, but a vital element of product strategy. Most of the times Android developers do 99% of the task and push it in the user's hand. The last 1% could be the design part which is always an extremely vital part. This is the part where beginner level Android Developer often overlook as they will be excited and focused more on completing the app. But this should not be practised. To understand complete Android Development, we recommend you to take Advanced Android Development course. This article is aimed at sharing the essential UI and UX tips in Android Development.

Tips for Designing Better Android App

  • Ripple Effect
  • Themed View Components
  • Shadow below Component
  • Keep Design Responsive
  • Try Iterative Design
  • Keep it simple
  • Minimize Cognitive Load
  • Be visual
  • Keep Market needs in mind
  • Animate layout changes
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