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How to monetize your blog?

Blogging for money is certifiably not a hypothetical idea yet it's a reality. By having basic knowledge on blogging, SEO and a general thought on how the Internet functions, anybody can begin a blogging business and make money.

10 Effective Strategies of Digital Marketing

In our modern landscape, all our marketing strategies are digital because both the consumers and businesses are online. Digital marketing is a type of advertising the product that uses both web and online- based digital technologies like cell phones, and other digital media and stages to promote items and services.

Importance of branding in digital marketing

Earlier days, the entrepreneurs relied more on their logical thinking and they used banners, pamphlets to promote their business to gather people to their stores. But today the world is digital and started to promote their brands online through various digital platforms.

How to Create effective content for SEO

To make effective or more engaging content for SEO, it is highly recommended to take up SEO course where he/she will be taught the nitty-gritty of SEO. Or if he/she don't find time to take up this course, one could easily hire an SEO company as they are experts in optimizing a webpage or website for Search engines. Be that as it may, this blog will outline how to create effective content for SEO.

How to set goals for your online business

This blog outlines and features the key points to set goals for any online business. 7Pixelz, the best SEO company and Digital Marketing company in Chennai will help you set goals for your online business in India.

10 Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn't Ignore

A website will not rank on search engines just like that. Check out the 10 most important Google ranking factors that you shouldn't ignore. Know how to optimize your website to get ranked at top positions on Google.

How long does SEO take to work for new website

How long does SEO take effect to rank a new website? is the most sought question on internet. Read this blog further to know the exact time taken for a new site to rank and reason for why it is taking time to rank on Google.

How to design an SEO-Friendly Website

Check out the tips for building SEO-friendly Website. This blog outlines why is it important to have an SEO-friendly website and how to have a website that is optimized for SEO.

How to write content that ranks

Having great piece content is the most effective SEO tactic & strategy to rank on Google. Check out the tips on how to write or curate content that ranks on Google, according to SEO experts and professionals.

Secret to rank on first page of Google

Here are the secrets to rank on first page of Google which will help to make a change and tweak improvements for your website and online business to rank at first page on Google. This blog will look-see the best secrets or fundamentals to rank on first page of Google.

Why Alt text is Important

This blog will feature "Why alt text is Important in 2020?" and how to add it to a webpage. Alt texts are extremely helpful for image SEO and it will help the image of your product or service on Google image results.

How to use GSC to improve to SEO and ranking

Google Search Console is the hub of your website's performance. Using Google webmaster precisely will skyrocket your online business. This blog will discuss how to use GSC to improve SEO and ranking.

Things to remove from your Website for Better Ranking

There are many things on your website that could affect SEO efforts leading to dip or decrease in Google rankings. This blog will briefly outline the important things to remove from your site for better rankings.

Beginners guide for Meta Tags for SEO

Meta tags are one or two-line snippet of code which tell Google bots the important information about the webpage. As there are many meta tags, this blog will discuss only the most important meta tags.

8 steps to become an SEO expert

The demand for SEO experts and SEO companies growing every single day. Are you looking to become an SEO expert? Read this blog further to know 8 steps to become an SEO expert.

How to write effective Social media content

Writing a great piece of content for social media is more than just putting up together catchy words and phrases, and compelling calls-to-action. It is a modern-day communicator with your audience. Read this blog further to know how to write effective social media content.

Robots.txt and SEO

Robots.txt is seen as the mediator for your website and search engine bots or spiders. It instructs the search engine bots and spiders what and what not to be crawled. Read this blog further to know How robots.txt can affect SEO.

SEO vs PPC: Which should you use

Choosing SEO vs PPC is always been confusion for digital marketers. Read this blog to know Which should you use SEO or PPC.

What is an XML Sitemap?

An XML sitemap is a blueprint of your website to search engines. An XML sitemap can greatly affect on crawl budget. Check out What is an XML sitemap and How to create it.

What is Backlinks?

Backlinks are very important aspect of Off-Page SEO as it will increase DA and SERPs rankings. Read this blog further to know What is backlinks and How to get more backlinks.

7 Easy steps for Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing is quite important for any business online as it will attract the right audience to your website. Read this blog further to know 7 Easy steps for Effective Content Marketing.

Basic SEO Audit

SEO audit is standard procedure for any website regardless of its size. SEO audit is a great way to enhance your website's performance on Search Engine and its SERP. This blog will highlight the basic SEO audits.

What is Off-page SEO?

Today, most people are so much focused on On-page SEO when it comes to SEO. But what Off-page SEO is equally as important as On-page SEO. Read this blog further to know What is Off-page SEO and Why is it important.

Best SEO Practice that everybody should follow

We have done enough research to gather best SEO practice to keep up your rankings and business run smoother than ever. This blog will encompass the most obvious and common SEO tips and tactics which are taken for granted often. Check out 12 best SEO tips and tactics to follow always.

9 Reasons why your website isn't shown on Google

There could be several things which prevent your website from being shown up on Google. This blog will highlight the top 9 fixable issues when your website doesn't show up on Google even after months and months of hard working. Check out 9 reasons why your website does not appear on Google.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies that actually work

Digital marketing is essential and it will help you achieve your goals and grow your business in a very quick time. Check out 7 best and winning digital marketing strategy.

How to Improve SEO without changing or creating new content

To boost or enhance your website's SEO and its ranking, it is not mandatory that your website or webpage should have ever-changing content. There are several other methods with which one can improve his/her website's SEO. Check those methods to boost your website's SEO.

What is Canonical URL?

Are you wondering what are canonical URLs and canonical tags? And how to use canonical tags precisely? Read this blog further to learn more about canonical URLs and its importance in terms of SEO

7 Simple Step SEO tutorial for Beginners

SEO could be intimidating for Beginner because of all those technical terminologies. But it is not as hard or complicated as you imagine it might be. Check out the 7 simple step SEO tutorial for Beginners

How to Get Google to index your Website

Having a hard time finding your website on Google. And struggling to find out how to fix it. One universal solution is to get your website indexed by Google. Here are the effective tips to do it.

How to write a Blog post that everyone wants to read

Writing a blog that generates tons and tons of website traffic is not simple and it is a real deal. This blog will outline how to write a blog that people actually want to read.

SEO for Small Business

When you're taking your business online, SEO is the prime step of digital marketing for your business. Check the effective SEO beginner tips for Small Business.

SEO copywriting in 7 steps

SEO copywriting is just like creating or writing content from the content that already ranks high on Google. SEO copywriting involves several techniques like pairing SEO. Check out the 7 easy steps for SEO copywriting

How to write perfect SEO Title tags

Title Tag in SEO is an HTML element which is used to display the title of the respective webpage when it appears Google SERP. This blog will highlight the 4 easy steps to how to write a perfect SEO title tag.

Image SEO Tips

Well optimized images can influence the Google SERP ranking in a good way and enhance the overall SEO of your website. Check out How to optimize image on your website and actionable Image SEO tips.

9 Easy Link Building Strategies

It is a well known fact the Google and other search engine bots use links to crawl a webpage of a website. There are umpteen techniques to build links on the web which vary in difficulty. Check out 9 easy link building strategies that works effectively for anyone.

Top 10 Keywords Research Tool other than Google Adwords

Top keyword research tools can effectively save your time and it will let you focus on other parts of digital marketing. With that being said, let's check out the top 10 free keyword research tool for advanced keyword research

Best Link Building Tools

Many people often think that link building is the most difficult part of SEO. Link Building is a much simpler process than you all might think. Let's take a look at what can link building tools do and what are the best Link Building tools.

Quick Backlink Audit

Backlink audit is crucial which considered even before you start a link building campaign for your website or webpages. The simple and effective tips of Backlink audit is explained in this blog.

How to promote your blog

Blog promotion is what matters the most when it comes to gaining more traffic. It requires steady and strenuous efforts to get tons of blog traffic every month. Check out the most sought Blog Promotion strategies.

10 ways to improve your social media influence

Growing social media is a long time process. Check out some of the very important and actionable tips to improve your social media influence. Learn how to grow your presence on social media.

Best White Hat Link Building Strategies

Link building is a great strategy to improve your website or web page's search ranking on Google. But it is quite important to follow Google rules which is known as White Hat Link Building. Check out best white hat link building techniques.

Proven Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Ecommerce Marketing is set or group of practice or actions taken to create awareness for your products. Ecommerce marketing provides you with ways to promote the worth of your brand to your target audience. Check the proven Ecommerce Marketing Strategies.

Why PHP is still the most preferred scripting language?

PHP is considered as the one of versatile programming language. PHP is a great choice and most preferred programming language. Check out why PHP is still the most preferred programming language.

How to make PHP site faster

PHP is infamously known for longer loading. But this will be the case only if you miss to fine tune the website to increase the performance and decrease the loading time. Check out the most effective ways to make PHP site faster with flawless performance

Top 5 PHP powered CMS

Choosing the right PHP powered CMS is considered as the most important decision. There are many types of CMS to fulfil your expectation and requirements and can, eventually, decrease your workload. Check out the Pros and Cons of Top 5 PHP powered CMS.

Is PHP still Good in 2020?

Internet is close to infinitely huge with millions of trillions of webpages and website. There is an end to it somewhere. But that's totally unpredictable. Hundreds of thousands of websites are being launched every day and these numbers don't seem to stop or decrease in the future. What's more interesting in a developer's perspective is that what is the most used or preferred programming language to create or build these many websites?

PHP Usage Statistics

There has been a recent debate going on that PHP is dead because of the burgeoning technology. Interestingly, the usage of PHP is higher than Java and other popular programming languages.


There is no doubt that both the programming languages are successful ventures and have helped hundreds of thousands of people to create great websites. This blog will outline the major differences between .NET and PHP.

Average Salary range of PHP Developer

The average salary of PHP developers depends on various factors like Experience, Qualification, Academics and so on. So it is quite important to understand what the average salary of PHP web developer in India. Check out the average PHP developer salary on various levels across India.

Is PHP Secure?

If companies like Facebook and WordPress are worried about the security of PHP, then they wouldn't be using it in the first place. Almost 80% of the website on the internet is based on or running on PHP. Check out our take on Whether PHP is secure or not.

PHP Latest Version and its features

This blog will give a quick tour on what to expect with PHP version 7 & 7.0+, if you intend on moving your existing applications, or building new ones with the latest version of PHP 7.

Advantages of PHP

PHP programming language is the most preferred programming language which is best suited for web development as PHP are often easily embedded into HTML code. This article will highlight the advantages and benefits of using PHP.

Unique Features of PHP

PHP is one of the primary scripting languages that supports a wide range of databases and protocols such as IMAP, POP3 and LDAP.PHP4 which are most commonly used network operations. Check out the unique feature of PHP.

Top Code Editors for PHP

Several top level and experienced coders or web developers will corroborate that the right IDE or code editor is essential to maintain or produce high quality codings. This blog will highlight the most used and preferred IDE and code editors that have attracted the web developers.

What is the best way to learn PHP?

The slower and inefficient learning approach and methodologies will eventually make you lose interest in PHP and will make give up on learning PHP totally. Check out what is the best way and how to learn PHP.

History of PHP

PHP is an open source coding language and it can run on almost every OS (Operating system) like Windows, Linux, Mac OS etc. and with most web servers. PHP was developed using the C programing language by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. This article will discuss briefly about the history of PHP.

Future of PHP

"PHP is dead" is one of the most sought things on the internet in recent years. But is it true? This article will highlight what is really the future and scope of PHP in India.

Difference between HTML and PHP

HTML and PHP are the two oldest and most popular programming language on the internet. It is a well-known fact that PHP codes can be embedded into HTML scripts. However, there are certain difference between HTML and PHP.

Is PHP hard to learn?

PHP is one of the most popular open source server side programming languages which is mainly used for web development. There are several allegations that PHP is hard to learn and master

Must know things for all PHP developers

PHP is the most versatile and flexible programming language and most often used to build all types of web applications. But how to become expert in PHP and what are the skills required for it? This blog will explain it.

Why Java is so popular?

One of the most important reasons why Java is so popular and most preferred programming language is because of its platform independency. This blog will highlight why java is the most popular programming language.

Why Java is important?

Java is primarily used to to create applications and even platforms for a wide range of devices. Java offers a great degree of versatility which was mainly designed to allow developers and coders to jot down code that will run on any machine. Check out Why Java is Important.

Features of Java

Features of Java is really mindblowing as it offers secure, easier and quicker work for every programmer regardless of the type of the platforms they are using. Check out the unique features of Java.

10 Reasons to learn Java

Java happens to be Google's first choice of a programming language when it comes to android phones and the development of its app. All these things make Java as the most sought programming language. Check out the 10 Reasons to learn Java.

How Java Works

Java was released in the year of 1995 with the philosophy "write once, run anywhere." Check out how Java works on all devices and How JVM works in this article.

How is Java platform independent?

It is a well known fact that Java is a platform independent programming language. A Java program or snippets is typically written in a language that is considered to be a human readable programming language. Read this article, further to know How is Java platform independent

Why Java is better than other programming language?

The reason for the popularity of Java is best defined as it is regarded as one of the oldest programming languages in the world of computers. This makes Java, an ideal and go-to option for experienced developers or programmers.

What is JRE?

The Java Development Kit (JDK), Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) altogether is seen as a powerful trifecta of Java platform and its associated platform for developing and running Java applications. In this blog, we will discuss one of the most popular programming language's runtime environment (JRE).

Why Java is Secure?

One key reason why Java code holds a special place in the hearts of several programmers is due to the incontrovertible fact that write once and run anywhere. This article will highlights why Java is secure than any other language.

Why Java is Robust Programming Language?

A Java enthusiast might have heard it several times that Java is a robust programming language. But what does this actually mean. Read this blog further to know Why Java is robust programming language?

How to develop secure Java application?

Developing an application in Java could be a daunting task as there are some complicated undertakings and vulnerabilities which often hides in the background. Check out the following rules to develop a secure Java application.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Learning Java

Deciding to learn Java is not going to be the worst option you have ever made. It could be the best option to learn Java programming language as it is a great field for professional growth. Check out the common mistakes to avoid while learning Java

What is JDK?

To successfully run Java applications or applets, you just have to download the JDK. But to develop Java applications or applets and to run them, the JDK is required.

What is JVM?

JVM is responsible for providing a runtime environment to Java bytecode which needs to be executed. JVM, as the name suggests, acts as a virtual machine or processor. JVM is defined as the virtual machine which allows us to run a Java program.

4 Reasons why Java still is most preferred Programming Language

Java has been consistently the most preferred programming language. According to TOIBE index, Java has jostled for higher ranking of most preferred and popular programming language with C

Why should you choose Java?

Java is a simple, object-oriented, and most popular programming language. The simplicity of Java is evident from its syntax and program coding which is definitely a lot less complicated than other programming languages, like 'C++' and 'C'.

What Java Developers should learn in 2020?

One of the biggest challenges for programmers is to keep himself or herself up to date to the latest and upcoming technology. Given the fact that the evolution of technology is never going to stop.

Benefits of Java compared to other Programming Language

Owing to the advantages and benefits, Java language has gained widespread popularity with multiple configurations. Check out the benefits of Java over other programming languages.

Top 5 Javascript framework in 2020

Java and Javascript have taken the world by storm in the field of application development at the of 2019 compared to other programming languages. Check out the bet Javascript framework in 2020.

Java vs Python

This blog will compare the two most popular programming language in the world and highlight the major difference between Java and Python.

Java Framework vs Libraries vs API

Check out the few important components of Java Framework, Libraries and API. This blog will outline the basic things about Java framework vs libraries vs API.

15 must have tools for Java Developers

Most people believe that Java is one of the simplest yet most powerful programming languages that has ever found. Check out 15 must have tools for Java Developers

History of Java

Java is the most popular and most used object-oriented programming language which was developed by James Gosling and colleagues at Sun Microsystems in the early 90s.

Best Java IDE in 2020

Java IDE is basically an acronym for Java Integrated Development Environment. IDE for Java provides immense assistance in the development process application. This is article will outline the Best Java IDE in 2020.

How Java Garbage Collection Works

Most of the times people usually think that garbage collection collects and discards dead objects. But actually what happens is Java garbage collection does the opposite! Check out how really the Java garbage collection works.

Java Performance Tuning

This article will cover all the tips for fine tuning Java Performance, starting with those that are language agnostic to the ones more specific to the Java platform.

Is Java Dead?

There umpteen compelling reasons why Java isn't Dead yet. For starters, there is a considerably huge improvement in Java over the last 2 years. Find out Why Java is still in the Game

Is Java Hard to Learn?

Java is a most popular and widely used object-oriented (OOP) programming language and it’s still being used all around the world. is Java hard to learn and difficult to master or does it consume too much of time after all? Find out in this article.

9 hard truths Java developers must accept

Whatever it could be, there are few things which means developers have got some exhausting truths to admit. Here are nine hard truths that every Java developers and programmer must learn to accept and live with it.

Myths about Java

Despite all this progress and efforts put by developers working on the Java, there are umpteen myths always surrounding Java and its platform. Check out most common myths about Java.

Why Java has both Compiler and Intepreter?

When it comes to compiling and executing a program, the whole scenario is quite a different one and not the case as is with C or C++. Check out why Java has both Compiler and Intepreter?.

Java Compiler and How it works

Compiler usually operates on phases and numerous stages which are often classified into 2 phases. Check out what is Java compiler and how it works.

Phases of Java Compiler

The compilation method could be a sequence of different phases. Every phase gets input from its previous stage. Let us delve into the different the phases of a compiler.

What is Web Designing?

Web Designing refers to assembling, creating, and placing the web elements in the websites. To simply put, it is defined as the process of developing a website for both internet and intranet.

Why should you learn Web Designing?

If you are a business owner, then having an exceptionally good website is vital to attract more customer and also if you would like to compete with your competitors, and stand out from the crowd. Check out why should you learn Web Designing course.

Skills that every Web Designer needs

Web designing is most sought creative career option and it always has a nice ring to it. You can just begin with the basic web and visual design skills and then you will shortly be on your way to becoming an expert.

Importance of Web Designing

The design of your website will either build or break the business you're making an attempt to build or grow. It really makes a distinction on how your target audience views your business or company

Things to Know before Learning Web Designing

If you want to set your foot in the world of web designing, there are few key skills which you need to be aware of and eventually, you will need to master it. The first and fundamental skill is to know how to code a page in HTML.

10 Things that every Web Designer should be able to do

There are few basic skills and things which every web designer should be able to do. Knowing these things will help you start your own web designing agency or land a lucrative web designing job.

What is scope of Web designing in India

The great thing about learning web designing is that you can start your own web designing agency or you can work independently as a freelance web designer. Read this article further to know the scope of web designing in India.

Average Salary range of Web Designer

The average salary of web designers influenced by various factors like Skillset, Experience, Qualification, Academics, Portfolio, Negotiating skills and so on. So it is quite important to understand what the average salary of web designer in India. Check out the average web designer salary on various levels.

What Programming language is required for Web Desiging?

There are tons of programming language out there. What are the programming languages required for web designing in the beginners perspective. This blog will highlight the essential programming language for web designing for beginners.

Role of CSS in Web Designing

With CSS, web designing has become a lot easier and everything comes in handy. CSS will let you modify the complete stylization of the web page and you can take full control over it. Read further to know the role of CSS in Web Designing.

Advantages of CSS in Web Designing

CSS resembles more like HTML language. But HTML has so many limitations when it comes to designing a single layout on a web page. This is where CSS comes in handy. CSS can save you a lot of time and money.

Why Web Designing is a Good Career Option?

It is roughly estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that there will more or less 22% increase in employment of web designers and developers between 2012 and 2022. So pursuing a career as a web designer won't be a bad idea.

Most Common Web Designing Mistakes to avoid in 2020

Web design is not just all about how a website should appear on the internet but also a good web design will improve the User friendly interface and user experience on your website. Lets delve into that are actually that affect the architecture of a website and common mistake while designing a website.

Principles of Good Website Design

The design is not what decides the success or failure of an online business rather the usability (ie) user interface and utility (ie) user experience does. This articles is intended to concentrate more on the most important and vital principles, heuristics and approaches for effective web design.

Best Web Design Trends in 2020

If you are a web designer or an admirer of good web design and its trend, then you are at right place. In this blog, we have done extensive research and come up with the list of along the best web design trends which will probably grace your screens in 2020.

10 Reasons to use Bootstrap for Web Designing

Bootstrap offers immense range of resources accessible for designing a website. If you are new to Bootstrap, we have come up with a list of reason why should you use Bootstrap for exceptional web designs.

Why Web Design is important for Online Business

Building a website with compelling web designing in order to have a strong online presence is no longer an option for any business. Read this article further to know why a good web design is important for online business.

A User Prespective Web Design

The users of a website are the driving force for any business. The user of the website is the only one that clicks on the mouse and interacts with it. So, it's extremely vital to comprehend the user’s perspective of the website and its interface.

How to create User Centered Web Design

The most important aspect of designing a website is to consider the user's perspective. For your website to be attractive and successful at the same time, it must not only look attractive but also it must offer a seamless user experience for its users.

Essential tips to Improve Web Design

With hundreds of thousands of websites are competing in the market these days, your business will have a considerable chance of survival only if it stands out from the crowd with unique web design.

Importance of Web Design in Digital Marketing

Your website is the first point of contact for your potential customers and it is what represents your business and brand to your target audience. Read this blog further to know the Importance of Web Design in Digital Marketing.

What is SEO Web Design?

SEO web design is a set of the practice of making websites that are totally accessible and indexable by search engines in term of the technical part of SEO like page load time, image optimization, content architecture and so on.

SEO Checklist for a Web Designer

Even Web design experts tend to forget or leave out some of the essential components of an SEO friendly website. In order to help you with this, we have come up with an essential SEO checklist for Web designers.

What is Responsive Web Design?

The main aim of designing a responsive website is to have a single website, but with different web elements and components that respond differently when viewed on devices of various sizes.

Essential Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Today, a lot of people started accessing a website with mobile devices than with conventional PCs or desktops, therefore the web designing field continues to evolve. Due to this, it is become mandatory to design a responisve web design

Most Common Screen Size in Web Design

With the advancement in the technologies, the web design has evolved to the responsive web design. Because of this all web designer has upgraded and started designing a responsive web design and updated their packages as well.

Simple Web Designing Process that Everyone should Follow

In this article, we will highlight the time efficient and easy steps to how to draft a web designing process that works for everyone to get the desired output. This article is mainly aimed at beginner level web designers.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

With the increased usage of smartphones and other smart device, web designers have been compelled to design a single website that should offer seamless user experience and interface across all screen size.

How to make Responsive Web Design

It is quite important to design a website in a responsive manner so that it will comply and fits to the screen of the user. In this article, we will discuss the most effective way to create a website responsive in simple steps.

Characteristics of Good Web Design

In order to deliver the exceptionally good website to attract new customers, check out the important features and characteristics of web design which can never be overlooked and this applies to every single web design regardless of the field of business.

Why you should use FlexBox in Web Designing

In today's world where everything is viewed on the internet, the browser has become integral part of it. This is the very reason why you would prefer to use flexbox is because it lets you to lay a group of web elements in one direction or another.

Why should you learn Android Development?

Since Android is getting better and better, this provides strong anyone to learn android development course. This blog will also highlight a few more compelling reasons to learn android development.

Scope of Android Development in 2020

It is a well known fact that is India is one of the fatest growing country as far as IT market is concerned. This implies that there will be enormous job opportunities for Android Developer in India and it holds propitious scope for Android Development.

How to become an Android Developer

This articles will highlight all those effective steps that will assist to become a better Android Development. Most importantly, these steps are followed by the industry professionals who followed the same exact steps to become what they are now.

Advantages of Android Development

One of the main reasons why Android development very popular is that it offers breathtaking strategic and operational benefits. Businesses can leverage these benefits to achieve their objectives and goals.

Must have skills for an Android Developer

The most common skills to become a successful Android developer are programming language knowledge and different tools associated with Android Development. Check out must have skills for an Android Developer.

Easy Steps to develop Android Apps

So if you want to develop a mobile application on Android, there are certain thing you should follow to make the whole process of developing easier and time saving. Follow the following steps to create amazing android apps easily and time efficiently.

Things to consider When Developing Android Apps

But there is always hard part in developing Android apps and certain things need separate attention. So, What's the secret ingredient for it? This blog will highlight the things to be considered when developing Android apps.

Best Tools for Android Development

One of the main factors to consider when developing an Android app is the tools used in the process. Because it can greatly affect the final output of the app. So, it is highly recommended to use the best tools while developing an app on Android. Check out the best tools for Android Development.

Important Fundamentals of Android Development

Because of the high demand for Android Developer, the programmers find it as a driving force to learn Android Developer. So we have listed the important fundamental of the Android Development.

How Android Apps are Developed

First things fist Android apps are most often developed using Android SDK. Developing a unique and best Android apps finally comes down to two main things that are a programming language and programming skills.

Most Common Mistake in Android Development

Android Development is not as easy as it might sound because there are a whole lot of things to remembered and taken to considerations developing an app. So we listed the most common mistake to avoid while developing an Android app

Myths about Android Development Training

There are over 3 million apps in the Google Play store and Android community. Also, there are many myths and misconception revolving around the Android Development which we will discuss in this blog.

How to get Stated with Android Development

Many people think that knowing to code is just enough to develop a killer app. Is this true? No, it's not. There many other things which are needed to be considered. This blog is aimed at beginners to explain and discuss how to get started with Android Development and a few essential tips for it.

Role of Java in Android Development

Java is the building blocks of every single app in Google play store. Java is mot popular and most preferred programming language across the world for Android Development. Check out the Key aspects of using Java in Android Development

Why should we use Kotlin for Android Development

Few experienced developers have already started using Kotlin to develop apps. What's behind this gaining popularity of this new programming language for developing Android apps. What are the advantages of using Kotlin instead of always preferred Java Language

Difference Between Android & iOS Development

The programming language is the base of the creating either Android or iOS app. But what programming language should be used is a whole new story altogether. Because there are certain difference in developing an Android and iOS app which will be discussed in this blog.

Why Android Developers are switching to Kotlin

They were considerably many reports in 2017 that predicted that Kotlin will take over Java in a couple of years. Today, it is hard to argue on the statement with given facts and stats. So why Android Developers are switching to Kotlin.

Is Kotlin Worth Learning?

The programmers are currently preferring Kotlin because it's in-built null safety, with a type system that guards against null reference exceptions. In this blog, we have highlighted more compelling reason to learn Kotlin.

Why Kotlin is the future of App Development

With Google itself turning into Kotlin centered, several developers are and have already adapted to it, and therefore the incontrovertible fact is that several Java apps are being rewritten in Kotlin.

Pros & Cons of Kotlin and Java in Android Development

When recently Google disclosed that Kotlin is one of the official programming language for Android development, web developers who wish to become android developers are in perplexity. Check out Pros & Cons of Kotlin and Java.

Simple Tips for Beginner Android Developers

It doesn't matter if you want to take up your own project or get a job as Android Developer in a recognized company. You should be aware of essential aspects during Android Development.

Basic Android App Development Principles

The main purpose of this articles is to highlight the basic Android app development principles that you help develop much better Android. These principles will help you familiarize the basic and fundamental concepts.

Best UI and UX tips for Android Development

Much better UI and UX will retain the users and also will attract new customer eventually. So it is highly recommend to take the design aspects into consideration while developing an Android app.

How to Speed up Android Development Process

In the hurry of developing the app sooner and quicker, most often quality is sidelined and the final results or overcomes could be a product that doesn’t meet your or your audience’s requirements and expectations. This blog will highlight how to improve the development speed without compromising on the quality.

Kotlin Features that every Android Developer must know

Kotlin is the new programming language for Android development and this doesn't mean that it can't be ignored and sidelined by Java. So let's check out the best features of kotlin that every Android Developers should be aware of

Benefits of Kotlin in Android Development

For a decade, Java played an ultimate role in developing in Android app with substantial foundation. But with Kotlin, the total game has now changed. So let's take a look at benefits of Kotlin.

How to get hired as an Android Developer

The first step in becoming Android developer is to understand what responsibilities you’ll have as an android developer and what technical and non-technical skills you should have to get hired as an android app developer.

Things to Know before developing an Android

In order to develop a killer app, you should know what need to be considered before developing an Android app. Because there are several things which needs to be considered before getting started with development of the app similar to the other business strategies.

How to improve Android app performance

Developing an Android app will give you lot of freedom for the Android developers. But there is always many hassles and challenges an Android Developers to make it flawless. So how exactly to improve the Android performance?

Advantages of Java over Kotlin

Still there is competition for Java which is obviously Kotlin. Kotlin has gained all popularity after Google announced it as the official programming language for Android Development. Yet, Java has become the go to option for Android Developers.

Best Android Development Tips

In recent years, there has been an exponential increase in the number of smartphones users across the world and it is getting better and better. So, it is quite important to develop an Android app without erros and bugs with efficient time management.

Reason Behind Success of Kotlin Android Development

With Google itself turning into Kotlin centred, several developers are and have already adapted to it, and therefore the incontrovertible fact is that several Java apps are being rewritten in Kotlin.