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Blogging for money is certifiably not a hypothetical idea yet it's a reality. By having basic knowledge on blogging, SEO and a general thought on how the Internet functions, anybody can begin a blogging business and make money.

In our modern landscape, all our marketing strategies are digital because both the consumers and businesses are online. Digital marketing is a type of advertising the product that uses both web and online- based digital technologies like cell phones, and other digital media and stages to promote items and services.

Earlier days, the entrepreneurs relied more on their logical thinking and they used banners, pamphlets to promote their business to gather people to their stores. But today the world is digital and started to promote their brands online through various digital platforms.

To make effective or more engaging content for SEO, it is highly recommended to take up SEO course where he/she will be taught the nitty-gritty of SEO. Or if he/she don't find time to take up this course, one could easily hire an SEO company as they are experts in optimizing a webpage or website for Search engines. Be that as it may, this blog will outline how to create effective content for SEO.

This blog outlines and features the key points to set goals for any online business. 7Pixelz, the best SEO company and Digital Marketing company in Chennai will help you set goals for your online business in India.

A website will not rank on search engines just like that. Check out the 10 most important Google ranking factors that you shouldn't ignore. Know how to optimize your website to get ranked at top positions on Google.

How long does SEO take effect to rank a new website? is the most sought question on internet. Read this blog further to know the exact time taken for a new site to rank and reason for why it is taking time to rank on Google.

Check out the tips for building SEO-friendly Website. This blog outlines why is it important to have an SEO-friendly website and how to have a website that is optimized for SEO.

Having great piece content is the most effective SEO tactic & strategy to rank on Google. Check out the tips on how to write or curate content that ranks on Google, according to SEO experts and professionals.

Here are the secrets to rank on first page of Google which will help to make a change and tweak improvements for your website and online business to rank at first page on Google. This blog will look-see the best secrets or fundamentals to rank on first page of Google.

This blog will feature "Why alt text is Important in 2020?" and how to add it to a webpage. Alt texts are extremely helpful for image SEO and it will help the image of your product or service on Google image results.

Google Search Console is the hub of your website's performance. Using Google webmaster precisely will skyrocket your online business. This blog will discuss how to use GSC to improve SEO and ranking.

There are many things on your website that could affect SEO efforts leading to dip or decrease in Google rankings. This blog will briefly outline the important things to remove from your site for better rankings.

Meta tags are one or two-line snippet of code which tell Google bots the important information about the webpage. As there are many meta tags, this blog will discuss only the most important meta tags.

The demand for SEO experts and SEO companies growing every single day. Are you looking to become an SEO expert? Read this blog further to know 8 steps to become an SEO expert.

Writing a great piece of content for social media is more than just putting up together catchy words and phrases, and compelling calls-to-action. It is a modern-day communicator with your audience. Read this blog further to know how to write effective social media content.

Robots.txt is seen as the mediator for your website and search engine bots or spiders. It instructs the search engine bots and spiders what and what not to be crawled. Read this blog further to know How robots.txt can affect SEO.

Choosing SEO vs PPC is always been confusion for digital marketers. Read this blog to know Which should you use SEO or PPC.

An XML sitemap is a blueprint of your website to search engines. An XML sitemap can greatly affect on crawl budget. Check out What is an XML sitemap and How to create it.

Backlinks are very important aspect of Off-Page SEO as it will increase DA and SERPs rankings. Read this blog further to know What is backlinks and How to get more backlinks.

Content marketing is quite important for any business online as it will attract the right audience to your website. Read this blog further to know 7 Easy steps for Effective Content Marketing.

SEO audit is standard procedure for any website regardless of its size. SEO audit is a great way to enhance your website's performance on Search Engine and its SERP. This blog will highlight the basic SEO audits.

Today, most people are so much focused on On-page SEO when it comes to SEO. But what Off-page SEO is equally as important as On-page SEO. Read this blog further to know What is Off-page SEO and Why is it important.

We have done enough research to gather best SEO practice to keep up your rankings and business run smoother than ever. This blog will encompass the most obvious and common SEO tips and tactics which are taken for granted often. Check out 12 best SEO tips and tactics to follow always.

There could be several things which prevent your website from being shown up on Google. This blog will highlight the top 9 fixable issues when your website doesn't show up on Google even after months and months of hard working. Check out 9 reasons why your website does not appear on Google.

Digital marketing is essential and it will help you achieve your goals and grow your business in a very quick time. Check out 7 best and winning digital marketing strategy.

To boost or enhance your website's SEO and its ranking, it is not mandatory that your website or webpage should have ever-changing content. There are several other methods with which one can improve his/her website's SEO. Check those methods to boost your website's SEO.

Are you wondering what are canonical URLs and canonical tags? And how to use canonical tags precisely? Read this blog further to learn more about canonical URLs and its importance in terms of SEO

SEO could be intimidating for Beginner because of all those technical terminologies. But it is not as hard or complicated as you imagine it might be. Check out the 7 simple step SEO tutorial for Beginners

Having a hard time finding your website on Google. And struggling to find out how to fix it. One universal solution is to get your website indexed by Google. Here are the effective tips to do it.

Writing a blog that generates tons and tons of website traffic is not simple and it is a real deal. This blog will outline how to write a blog that people actually want to read.

When you're taking your business online, SEO is the prime step of digital marketing for your business. Check the effective SEO beginner tips for Small Business.

SEO copywriting is just like creating or writing content from the content that already ranks high on Google. SEO copywriting involves several techniques like pairing SEO. Check out the 7 easy steps for SEO copywriting

Title Tag in SEO is an HTML element which is used to display the title of the respective webpage when it appears Google SERP. This blog will highlight the 4 easy steps to how to write a perfect SEO title tag.

Well optimized images can influence the Google SERP ranking in a good way and enhance the overall SEO of your website. Check out How to optimize image on your website and actionable Image SEO tips.

It is a well known fact the Google and other search engine bots use links to crawl a webpage of a website. There are umpteen techniques to build links on the web which vary in difficulty. Check out 9 easy link building strategies that works effectively for anyone.

Top keyword research tools can effectively save your time and it will let you focus on other parts of digital marketing. With that being said, let's check out the top 10 free keyword research tool for advanced keyword research

Many people often think that link building is the most difficult part of SEO. Link Building is a much simpler process than you all might think. Let's take a look at what can link building tools do and what are the best Link Building tools.

Backlink audit is crucial which considered even before you start a link building campaign for your website or webpages. The simple and effective tips of Backlink audit is explained in this blog.

Blog promotion is what matters the most when it comes to gaining more traffic. It requires steady and strenuous efforts to get tons of blog traffic every month. Check out the most sought Blog Promotion strategies.

Growing social media is a long time process. Check out some of the very important and actionable tips to improve your social media influence. Learn how to grow your presence on social media.

Link building is a great strategy to improve your website or web page's search ranking on Google. But it is quite important to follow Google rules which is known as White Hat Link Building. Check out best white hat link building techniques.

Ecommerce Marketing is set or group of practice or actions taken to create awareness for your products. Ecommerce marketing provides you with ways to promote the worth of your brand to your target audience. Check the proven Ecommerce Marketing Strategies.

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