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Most Common Web Designing Mistakes to avoid in 2020

In today's trend, design plays a major role in every single field of business. On this line, Web design is crucial and an integral part of all types of online business. Web design is what makes visitors or users to stay or leave the website. Mediocre web design will, for sure, break your company goals and objective given that high competition in the market. Web design is not just all about how a website should appear on the internet but also a good web design will improve the User friendly interface and user experience on your website, easy to navigate through the website and so on. The better user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is directly proportional to the customer retention rate.

Nobody wants to sabotage their brand reputation just because of the bad web design. In fact, the good web design with user friendly interface can improve the brand reputation. When you're trying to grow your brand or business, web design is the easiest and simplest way to make the first impression your brand or business. If you don't where to start with the design process of your website, you can get Web designing training to understand the principle of web design. With that being said, lets delve into that are actually that affect the architecture of a website and common mistake while designing a website.

Common Web Designing Mistakes to avoid in 2020

  • Disabling Zoom on Mobile version of the website
  • No CTAs (Click To Action)
  • Intrusive Pop ups
  • Overcrowed design elements and content
  • Hard to Font sytles, Smaller font size and lighter fontcolors
  • Lack of Proper navigation
  • Improper content architecture
  • Lack of responsive images
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