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Difference between PHP and .NET

.NET, also known as ASP.NET, is a Microsoft from Active Serve Pages which forms an acronym for ASP.NET which is extensively used for web application development. PHP is more of server side scripting or programming language from Rasmus Lerdorf and also used for general purposes like creating websites as well. PHP is an abbreviation for Hypertext PreProcessor. Sometimes, PHP can also be used for developing web applications. ASP.NET is a licensed product from Microsoft and has to be purchased depending size of enterprise applications from medium to large-sized company. In contrary, PHP is free of cost and it is an open source product. PHP can also be used for even small sized web applications. There is no doubt that both the programming languages are successful ventures and have helped hundreds of thousands of people to create great websites.


ASP.NET is a well known web development platform. Additionally, ASP.NET are capable of serving a greater programming model for its user with extensive infrastructure for software and other significant services and features which are quite important to create robust web applications for both mobiles and apps. ASP.NET is an independent programming language meaning one can create .NET application with any .NET supported language. ASP.NET are most widely used to create dynamic websites or web pages. As ASP.NET bridges and combine server code with HTML quickly and it also provides a lightweight website. ASP.NET is a strong and robust framework and this is essential for developers to write code any type of application. If you are interested in learning ASP.NET, then we recommend starting from scratch by taking up a .NET course.


PHP started out by Rasmus Lerdorf as a small open source project but which has taken over the programming world by storm. PHP is a versatile programming language as it lets most of the popular databases to integrate effectively and efficiently with PHP codes. Since PHP is a server side programming language, PHP uses an interpreter to process the codes which are often carried out as a module in the webserver. PHP also supports other programming languages like Java, HTML and other object architectures. If you are interested in master PHP, it is recommended to learn PHP course.

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