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Difference between HTML and PHP


HTML is an acronym that stands for Hyper Text markup language which is a combination of computer readable text and Markups. Hyper Text is a special technique by which we are able to surf or browse on the internet by selecting and clicking on hyperlinks which navigates us to next page. Markups are defined as the HTML tags corresponding to opening and closing tags which are indicated by "<" & ">". The codes are entered within those markup tags so that we are able to format the text, place hyperlinks, images etc. HTML is a fundamental building block for the World Wide Web (WWW) and the internet. HTML is also reckoned as the backbone of any website because it could be a major part of the front-end code of each website. Technically, browsers only show Browsers don’t display the content of the page like text, images and hyperlinks and they don't show the entire code of that particular web page. These tags and codes describe the structure of HTML web pages in a website by with the help of Markup. HTML was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991 who is also the founder of the World Wide web. If you're a student who is interested to learn HTML, then contact 7Pixelz for course details.


PHP is an open source, a robust server-side programming language that is used for building dynamic websites, developing web applications and building static websites as well. Initially, PHP was known as as “Personal Home Page”, later on, it has become a much better replacement for to ASP technology. PHP is an acronym that stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP scripts are often included in HTML websites and executed on the server and to show results on screen with help of HTML. PHP can be integrated with wide range of databases like Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server etc. With PHP we are able to perform several things such as integrating the multiple databases and retrieve information, sending out emails to users of your website, encryption of important data, storing information in database etc. PHP is the most preferred and popular scripting language for the development of dynamic website and so on. Besides that, we can use PHP for coding and scripting, developing web application and project management tools. 7Pixelz offers the best PHP course if you're a student who is interested in learning PHP.

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