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Best Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

Are you looking for a lucrative career in the field of digital marketing? 7PIXELZ gives you digital marketing training in chennai trained by the industry professionals who have immense knowledge and experience in this field. Our Course will have 40 hours of hands-on training and placement assistance after successful completion of the course. Our trainers are industry experts with vast experience in the field of digital marketing. The practical exposure that you'll get during digital marketing course in chennai will make you ready for the job.

Additionally, 7PIXELZ also gives you an opportunity to take up 1-month intensive internship program after the completion of Digital marketing course in chennai. This would help in understanding advance topics in digital marketing and also give you an ample amount of time to hone your skills. Our Digital Marketing Training in Chennai are tailored in a fashion that it provides an in-depth knowledge in various aspects of digital marketing. If you are a fresher looking for a job or a working professional, taking this course will surely help you in acquiring skills and real time experience.

What you can learn from 7Pixelz Digital Marketing Training in Chennai?

Digital Marketing training in Chennai will cover the nitty-gritty of online marketing within 40 hours of intense hands-on training. Digital Marketing is the modern-day marketing technique to utilize the online media and platforms effectively and efficiently to promote the products or service. Digital Marketing will help the business in more than one way as such it will increase the online presence, sales and brand reputation through multiple online channels such as search engines, social media, video platforms, emails and blogs. Since the penetration of smartphones and internet is immense and increasing every day, digital marketing training in chennai is gaining popularity exponentially.

In today's burgeoning modern technology, it is important at the same time beneficial for any business to have an online presence. Because being actively present online will help to acquire more customers at very minimal costs. Digital marketing training in chennai, thereby, helps you in learning various online marketing tactics and channels to enhance online branding.

Our digital marketing training professionals will make sure that you comprehend all the digital marketing strategies like keyword research, search engine marketing, content marketing, link building, backlinking etc. Internet Marketing training in Chennai will help you acquire skills for landing a lucrative job just right after successful completion of this course. Digital Marketing Training in Chennai doesn't just stop with teaching the strategies and digital marketing channels. But we will additionally teach our students the analytics of digital marketing. Analytics is also an integral part of digital marketing. Because this will let you analyse the performance and ROI (Return On Investment) of each campaign and strategy. Also, knowing performance analytics is an important factor in important decision making and tailoring the campaign or strategy accordingly. Our Digital Marketing Training professionals are experts in Industry's top analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Analytics and so on.

Digital Marketing has become a lucrative career option owing to high demands for digital marketing professionals worldwide. And so we offer our students the best digital marketing training in chennai. This field has been a great option for working professionals who desire to switch career and also acquire new skill sets. With flexible timings and weekend batches, it is quite convenient to learn digital marketing without quitting your existing job. For college students and graduates, this can be a great add-on skill that'll provide greater career prospects.

We offer best digital marketing training in Chennai to help our student to get a high-paying handsome job after the completion of digital marketing course in Chennai. Our professional's pedagogy and pragmatic approach to teaching this digital marketing course is lucid and it will help students gain the industry exposure and understand every aspect of digital marketing clearly.

Who can enroll for Digital Marketing Training in Chennai?

There is no age restriction as such for enrolling Digital Marketing training in Chennai. So, anyone can take up Digital marketing Course in Chennai. Whether you are a student or a fresher or an Entrepreneur or looking to switch career, we, at 7Pixelz, will furnish you with the skills that are just enough to master digital marketing.

Why should you join a Digital Marketing Training in Chennai?

A professional Digital Marketing Training in Chennai introduces you to enhanced marketing tactics that will be very much effective compared other offline means. Traditional marketing has swiftly shifted towards the internet in the recent past and is likely to rely on digital channels for marketing of products and services. It is, therefore, quite necessary to acquire digital skills for business development as well as career enhancement.

Our digital marketing course in chennai will help you grow expertise in search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, youtube marketing and email marketing. A person with online marketing skills can work as a:

  • SEO Executive
  • Content Strategist
  • SEM specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Social media Executive
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • What would you learn?

    Module 1:

    • Digital marketing vs. Offline marketing
    • Basics of Digital marketing Training
      • Overview of SEO, SEM and SMM
      • Other digital marketing techniques using youtube, instagram, email, affiliates
      • Basic terminologies in Digital marketing
      • Digital marketing strategy
      • Difference between organic results, SERP, paid searches and Product listing Ads
      • Basic terminologies in web
    Hands-on : Designing the strategy based on the client budget and the market of the client

    Module 2

    • HTML and Wordpress overview
    • Basics of HTML
      • Basic understanding of HTML
      • Contribution of optimized HTML to SEO
    • Wordpress
      • Hosted and non-hosted sites difference
      • Creation of simple blogs
      • Changing templates & sample content creation
    Hands-on : Creating a simple HTML website, Creating a wordpress blog.

    Module 3

    Search Engine algorithms

    • Different search engine algorithms and their effect
    • How search engines work?
    • Indexing, crawling
    Search engine optimization
    • Basics of SEO
    • Difference between on-page & off-page optimization
    • Contribution of optimized HTML to SEO
    • Understanding of efforts splits between on-page and off-page
    • Open Graphs
    • Twitter Rich cards
    • Semantic searches

    Module 4

    Keyword Analysis

    • Keyword research using 4 different techniques
    • Choosing keywords based on 5 different parameters
    • Feasibility analysis of keywords
    • Compulsory creation of a wordpress website for a niche market from this point of the course
    On-page optimization
    • Implementation of the techniques in the created HTML template
    • Other parameters that contibute to on-page optimization
    • Link Juice, Page rank, Google dance techniques
    • SEO process & results reports generation & documentation
    • Three different types of sitemaps and tools
    • IIS tools
    Hands-on : Implementation of the techniques & Updating the wordpress site and HTML website after doing keyword analysis Auditing a live website for SEO issues

    Module 5

    Content Writing

    • Extensive tips on content writing
    • Content writing for Blogs
    • Content writing for product descriptions
    • Keyword density analysis
    Hands-on : Generation of 2 types of content and updating in the wordpress site.

    Module 6

    Off- page optimization

    • Various Link building techniques
    • Articles spinning
    • Forum posting
    • Blog commenting
    • Social signals
    • PR
    • Classifieds
    • Social bookmarking sites
    • Q & A websites
    • Photo links submission
    • Video links submission
    Hands-on : Link building techniques implementation for every technique listed for the wordpress site created.

    Module 7

    Google Analytics

    • Configure Google Analytics
    • Ecommerce optimization
    • Creating reports and email alerts
    Google Webmasters
    • Configuration of Google Webmasters
    • Understanding Search Analytics
    • Crawling errors
    • Recovery of penalty
    Google Trends, Google Alerts, Up time monitor & Mentions

    Hands-on : Installation of Google Analytics, Google webmasters in the wordpress site.

    Module 8

    Search engine marketing

    Google Adwords

    • Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads
    • Image Ads, Text Ads, Shopping Ads, Ad Builder
    • Placements, Bidding
    • Remarketing
    • Quality Score
    • Conversion tracking
    Hands on : Create every single type of Ad and analyse the effectiveness of the ads.

    Module 9

    Facebook Marketing

    • Segmentation
    • Organic community building
    • Differet types of Ads
    • Targetting customers
    • Conversion tracking
    Twitter Marketing
    • Building communities
    • Hashtags
    • Twitter Ads
    • Twitter Analytics
    LinkedIn Marketing
    • Targetted Marketing
    • LinkedIn Ads
    Social media Automation Tools
    Hands-on: Based on the niche market selected, targetting and providing ads for the wordpress website using all the media.

    Module 10

    Youtube Marketing

    • Cards
    • Description
    • Engagement
    • Subscribers
    • Youtube Ads
    Email Marketing
    • Online tools
    • Campaigns
    • Tracking & reporting
    Google Adsense
    • Configuration & creation of Adsense
    • Installation of Adsense in websites
    • Reports
    Hands-on: Configuration of Google Adsense in websites. Creating email campaigns & blasting emails

    Features of Digital Marketing training

    • 40 hours of hands-on training
    • Completion certificate
    • Affordable fee
    • Weekend and Weekday classes
    • Flexible timings
    • 1-month Internship post course completion (optional)

    Digital Marketing Tutorial

    Digital Marketing training in Chennai will provide extensive coaching which encompasses all aspects of digital marketing by industry experts. The digital marketing tutorial and course contents are explained below.

    Content is the only medium to communicate online with users or visitors. Having well-written content can persuade visitor to buy your product or avail services provided. All these techniques will be taught in Digital marketing training in Chennai. To make things interesting, in the year 2016 there were almost 2 lakhs job opportunities in the field of digital marketing. The job opportunities are increasing exponentially year by year as it has increased from 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs jobs in the year 2017 around the globe. So our professional will make sure that our students are well-educated and trained to get a lucrative job.

    Content Marketing

    Content marketing is a most sought digital marketing strategy when it comes to optimizing a website for search engine. In fact, content marketing is a very old but effective means of digital marketing which is been into existence ever since the invention of search engines. Content marketing doesn't just end with search engines. Any piece of content online is marketable to its target audience by sending out emails, brochure, posting on other websites (guest posting) and much more. Since there is high demand and competition for each and every product online, content marketing strategies are tweaked and renovated to complement the current trend.

    All of your digital marketing efforts will be futile if your website lacks valuable and well-written content. When a user visits a website or webpage, he/she wants to know about the products or service offered. So when a website doesn't have a considerable amount of content on a particular page, a user might close your website's tab and end up availing your competitor's product or service. Most importantly, search engines will not also consider ranking your site on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Therefore, content is the most important part of digital marketing as it can make your online business hugely beneficial. And which is why we insist on taking up Digital Marketing training in Chennai.

    Email Marketing

    There are many people who claim that Email is dead in this burgeoning technological era owing to incontrovertible penetration of smartphone apps. But that's not true. Emails are still a game changer for any business online. Emails are the professional means of communication to your customer. Effective email marketing is accounting up to 5% customer retention and increased profits of up to 25-50%. Hence, it is highly recommended not to leave email marketing out of the game. Email marketing never really went out of trend. In fact, it is a proven method of digital marketing since very long time. Email marketing with an effective winning strategy is a great way to reach a wider audience and make them aware of your products and services with just a few clicks of buttons.

    Email marketing strategies are just myriad. There is no single proven strategy or secret ingredient for email marketing as the strategies should be devised according to domain of the business. The statics show that the average profit from effective email marketing is nearly $50. Digital marketing training in Chennai will teach how to develop various strategies for any type of business in order to devise effective email marketing. A digital platform will have an irreplaceable void without emails. Email can help you acquire new customer, retain those customers and increase their lifetime value (LTV). Our professionals are well-rehearsed and well-versed with current trends and will have a pragmatic approach to this Digital marketing training in Chennai.

    Email marketing is one of the oldest form of digital marketing. Although it is one of the old-school methodology, it is large part of digital marketing training. Emails are considered to be less intrusive when done with proper permission from the receiver. It is all about understanding user behaviour and preferences and communicating the right messages to them.

    Email marketing has the highest conversion percentage as per industry standards. Email marketing is not dead and still has the highest number of case studies to prove that email marketing still works beautifully for Digital Marketing who infuse data and audience set correctly.

    Permission Marketing

    Permission marketing as mentioned by Seth Godin who advocate that permission marketing is still the most preferred form of marketing that has astounding conversion percentage. In our curriculum brightly explain the tools that are very effective in sending out emails and creating trip campaigns that yield much better results and give a very focused form of digital marketing based on user behaviour and actions.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media has taken the world by storm. Social media hold a very huge number of audience ever since the invention of smartphones in India. Interestingly, Facebook has more than 250 million active users from India making it No.1 country with highest number of active Facebook users. Thus, social media is the best way to reach out to wider audience in a very short time. On an average, adults spend 2-3 hours a day on social media. Not to mention the teens, they are using colossally and skyrocketing the numbers to 9-10 hours a day on social media. Due to the ubiquity of internet, people started using social media so much when they are bored and alone, even while they are travelling or commuting. Social media lets them connected with their friends all the time. This increased usage of social media is just a huge gold mine of all digital marketers.

    Almost all social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok etc allow all online businesses to advertise their products and services. Social media has recently become effective means of digital marketing and a saviour for all businesses especially small businesses. Digital Marketing course in Chennai will teach social media marketing with real time projects and examples so that students can quickly grasp the strategies and tactics of social media marketing. Today, people are very much likely to shop or purchase products online. This opens up lot of opportunities for business owners as they can reach out to the right set of audience very quickly. Social media also allow online business owners to run an ad campaign with various objectives like Branding, Drive traffic to your website, lead generations, Display campaigns and much more.

    Youtube marketing

    Videos the best form of content that are being consumed enlarge volume. Traditions and statistics put the data on the table that video will be the main form of content communication and will be consumed up to 65% of the total consumption of content online. YouTube is one of the finest form of marketing tool that can be effectively used to communicate your message. YouTube gives you enough space to showcase your brand, product or service in a visual format that can appeal to your audience. In the digital marketing training in Chennai we will give enough emphasis on YouTube marketing so that you are fair share of knowledge in understanding the concepts very clearly.

    Conversion Optimization training

    Conversion optimisation plays great role in digital marketing. Conversion complete the loop starting from reaching out to customer iD still getting the customer to mark the conversion activity done. Conversion is nothing but a purchase or a sales lead whichever turns into a monetary matter. Digital marketing training at 7PIXELZ enough emphasis for conversion Optimisation and trains the trainees to be good enough basic conversion Optimisation. This includes choosing the call to action button colour, theme colour,usage of right terms that aligns with customer psychology and understanding industry benchmarks and getting the site aligned to it and stay ahead in the market.

    Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

    There are no specific eligibility criteria for this course and anyone with an interest in digital marketing can enroll themselves in this Digital Marketing course. You should definitely opt for Digital Marketing training if you are:

    Student: This training is a great opportunity to explore the field of digital marketing. Students who wish to start a career in Digital marketing can gain exposure with the help of our intensive training programme. The training modules are well suited for beginners and professionals alike.

    Blogger: If blogging has always been your passion, then it's that you learn more on how to turn it into a profitable business. Digital Marketing course introduces you to advance tools and methodologies to help your blog reach a wider audience.

    Freelancer: Working as a freelancer has perks of flexible working hours and passive income. A freelancer with sound knowledge in digital marketing will have great opportunities and steady income. The demand for freelancers in this field is generally higher.

    Working professional: If you are looking to add new skills to your profile or willing to switch career, then learning digital marketing can be quite beneficial. It will not only help you in improving your career prospects, but also enable you to have an exciting career throughout.

    Entrepreneurs: This detailed course helps entrepreneurs create a digital platform for their products or services and market them effectively. Digital marketing skills is essential for budding entrepreneurs to develop and promote their business through online channels.

    There is no educational qualification as required by the recruiting Industries also. It is about understanding the right concepts knowledge in English will help. inees to be good enough basic conversion Optimisation. This includes choosing the call to action button colour, theme colour,usage of right terms that aligns with customer psychology and understanding industry benchmarks and getting the site aligned to it and stay ahead in the market.

    FAQS about digital marketing training

    Why should I learn Digital Marketing ?

    Digital marketing course gives you an edge over others since it lets you explore the opportunities for a website to be marketed.

    Does online marketing training guarantee me a job?

    Yes, you can definitely secure a job with digital marketing course considering the increase in online penetration . 7PIXELZ will assist you in placement with small and medium level organizations.

    How long are the sessions ?

    Session timings is generally 1.5 hours per session.

    Who will train ?

    Experts in digital marketing who have over 10+ years of experience will train the trainees.

    Can I take online training over Skype / Webex / Zoom?

    You are more than welcome to take up digital marketing classes online through Skype / Webex / Zoom.

    How does 7PIXELZ differ from other institutes?

    We provide a hands-on training approach right from day 1 in order to get a great hold of the training. You will create a blog on day 1 of the class and then you will be able to experiment everything that is taught in the class.

    Will you arrange placements?

    We will refer you to the organizations and arrange for interviews which you will definitely be able to crack.

    Can I pay in installments?

    Yes, you can pay 50% upon registration and remaining 50% after the first 5 sessions.

    Can I pay through online transfer?

    We accept cash, NEFT, G Pay, PhonePe and any available UPI.

    So, what are you waiting for? Join 7PIXELZ's Digital Marketing course and hone your digital skills! We provide classes in weekend and weekday batches with flexible timings and at affordable cost. Contact us in case of any doubt or enquiry regarding this training.

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