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How Android Apps are Developed

First things fist Android apps are most often developed using Android SDK. Developing a unique and best Android apps finally comes down to two main things that are a programming language and programming skills. Java is the most widely used programming language for developing Android apps. Along with the extensive knowledge of XML is required for developing an Android app. XML is required to have a view of the application. All other essential resources like menus, layouts, style and animation files are created using XML. So XML is as important as Java in developing Android apps. For the back end development of the Android app, Java (SDK) or C++ (NDK) is required. Either of these 2 programming languages is used for developing Android apps in most cases. To understand the in-depth concepts of Android development and how android works so it is essential that you should have completed Android Development Training.

After you learn Java and XML, you should know or learn how to employ this in order to connect these two using android principles. Usually, XML is quite easy to learn compared to Java. Android features an in built database which is known as SQLite for retrieving and storing information and data. But these database does not need to be installed using any external procedures. Most of the times data are stored locally which is referred to as an offline database. For more complex and object oriented applications, web service is used most of the times. The Android app development process is summarized as follows:

Android Development Process for Beginners

  • Refer Android Website
  • Learning Java, XML and Kotlin
  • Conceptualization
  • Assess Feasibility
  • Layout and Design fo the App
  • Coding
  • Testing and Deployment
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