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How long does SEO take effect to rank a new website?

This is by far the most frequently asked question on internet,"My website is new and I'm still seeing no visitors to my site. How long does SEO take to rank my site on Google?" When you're putting all of your time and effort into making your website get to the top, it is normal to anxious and see your site at the top of Google's search result page.

SEO used to be easy and in many cases, following specific formula and strategies would easily get a website or webpage to the top position within a period of two months or so. But nowadays SEO has become super competitive as there are over billion blogs on the web - meaning roughly one blog for every seven people. Today, there is even more websites on the web. When you combine all of that it makes sense why SEO is so hard nowadays because now Google periodically updates its core algorithm for better user experiences. With this, Google algorithms will decide which website they're going to place on top of the SERP. But this isn't the case 5 or 10 years ago.

But today, getting your website at the top positions of Google will not happen overnight or even over a week, especially a new website or small business. Since there is a lot of variables and algorithms in ranking a website, it takes quite a lot of time for all your SEO efforts to take effect. Few important factors that major role in the ranking a new website is domain age, base traffic, meta tags, competition, and target marke

According to many reports and sources, the average time required for a new website to rank on Google through SEO is roughly about 4 to 6 months.

But using right strategies will help to hit gold and helps to rank a site quickly even before the average time. Yes! our SEO company in Chennai is well-versed with proven SEO strategies to rank a new website quickly on Google. We also provide SEO classes in Chennai and Digital Marketing Course in Chennai where you will be taught most advanced SEO techniques and strategies which will help you and your business to rank quickly on Google.

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