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How to become an Android Developer

One thing everyone must remember is that becoming an android developer is easy but become a successful Android developer and to stand out from the crowd is quite a coup. To become a successful Android developer, one should be really determined to become one. First step to accomplish this is by taking the Android Development course to understand in depth concepts of Android Development. Becoming a successful Android Developer will not happen overnight as it requires lot of hard work, dedication, passion and perseverance. Well, there is no shortcuts to this, but there are some of the most effective and efficiently steps when followed will help you to be a successful Android Development. This articles will highlight all those effective steps that will assist to become a better Android Development. Most importantly, these steps are followed by the industry professionals who followed the same exact steps to become what they are now.

One of the most important steps of all these is that you must be familiar with all the core concepts and concepts related to Operating System. You should be keen on the latest trends and updates related to Android. What most people do is that they will become more focused on Google Play store on the pursuit of becoming an Android Development. But this is totally wrong. You should be familiar with everything that is related to Android. You should take interest in knowing about the competitions and rival of Android which is obviously, iOS. So, check out the most effective steps to become a successful Android Developer.

Steps to Become an Android Developer

  • Familiarize the Android Framework and internal
  • Learn Android Development Tools
  • Learn Java
  • Understand Android Apps lifecycle
  • Learn Android API
  • Keeping coding your android app
  • Launch your app and collect feedback to rectify the bugs.
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