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How to design an SEO-Friendly Website

The importance of having or building an SEO-friendly webpage or website is just incontrovertible as it can only get better and give positive results to any online business. Creating an aesthetically pleasing and professionally well-designed website will not promise high traffic or an increased number of customers. To get high traffic for a website, that particular website should be optimized for search engine's ranking algorithms as it will crawl and index the site accordingly in line with the devised and deployed SEO practices. In simple terms, SEO is best defined as a technique followed to increase the website's visibility and therefore reaching to more audience and getting more customers eventually. Following the best SEO practices will definitely increase website's ranking on Google SERP.

Search Engine optimization is extremely essential for any online business as it is the key factor to develop a business online. When SEO is used correctly and flawlessly, it will bring incredible results for business and one can business goals quickly. So how to optimize a page or website for Search Engine. For best SEO practices, one should be well-versed with Search Engines algorithms before deploying them. So it is recommended to hire an SEO company/digital marketing company or get best seo training company in chennai to understand the fundamentals of SEO. This will give an idea of how search engine works and which strategies will best suit for your online business. Usually, most people think that SEO is all about Keywords. Well, they are only partially correct. But sadly, SEO is not all about keywords. There are other things as well which need to be focused on when building an SEO-friendly website.

Here are the tips for building SEO-friendly Website

  • Have URLs user friendly with keyword
  • Avoid Plagiarized or Duplicate Content
  • Focus on both HTML and XML sitemaps
  • Focus device compatibility
  • Focus Page loading speed
  • Use Robots.txt to block redundant pages
  • Build Internal Links
  • Optimize images with alt text
  • Check for keyword density
  • Optimize meta tags for keywords
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