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How to develop secure Java application?

Security of Java Application

Security is the foremost and one among the most complicated, broad, and vital aspects of software development. The security of the software is also often overlooked or underestimated with only a couple of minor changes at the top of the development cycle. We are able to see the results pinpoint the major information security breaches annually. Surprisingly, in 2019 the number of security breach counted more than three billion exposed records. If these security breaches have happened to some of noteworthy software and application, it will happen to you too.

But the good news of about this is that Java is a well established software developing platform with several intrinsic security measures. Java security packages have undergone intensive security testing and are often updated to overcome the brand new security vulnerabilities. The newly released Java EE Security API in September 2017, addresses security vulnerabilities in cloud and microservices. The Java system additionally includes a huge range of tools for reporting and profiling security problems.

Developing an application in Java could be a daunting task as there are some complicated undertakings and vulnerabilities which often hides in the background. To develop a secure Java application, it is recommended for anyone to learn Java. Because one should consider the security at every stage of application development. Check out the following rules to develop a secure Java application.

  • Write Clean and strong Java Code
  • Avoid Serialization
  • Don't ever use unencrypted credentials or PII
  • Use Known and tested libraries
  • Be Paranoid about external input
  • Use statements to handle SQL parameters
  • Don't reveal implementation via error messages
  • Update the security releases
  • Look for dependency vulnerabilities
  • Monitor user activity
  • Keep an eye for DoS attacks
  • Use Java security manager
  • Use external cloud authentication service
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