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How to Get Google to index your Website

Your website is just invisible over the web if Google doesn't index your website and webpages. Your website will not appear for any search engine even though you have everything perfect in place. SEO does not end with creating content and optimizing it for search engine, Google. All optimized pages should be indexed by Google, in order to show up on Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Google's indexing is a key part of On-page SEO. To completely understand and gain in depth knowledge about Google Indexing, we highly suggest anyone complete an SEO course or Digital Marketing training. There are two main concepts when it comes to indexing your site which are as follows 1. Crawling 2. Indexing

What is Crawling?

Crawling is literally what it means. Google spiders or bots will crawl up your website or webpage on Google SERP in the process of ranking. In technical terms, crawling is defined as the process of finding and following new hyperlinks on the web or internet to find new content.

What is Indexing?

Indexing is best defined as the process of storing or saving every page of your website in Google's database. Indexing will happen only if your website or webpages had been crawled successfully by the Google Spiders and Bots.

Some of might have noticed us mentioning Google spiders. Google spiders is nothing but a software developed by Google to carry out crawling process.

Google Indexing Tips

  • Check if important URLs is blocked by robots.txt
  • Remove noindex tags on important pages
  • Optimize your website sitemap
  • Remove redundant canonical tags
  • Fix nofollow internal links
  • Use Internal Links for quicker indexing
  • Build backlinks on high quality pages
  • Keep an eye on page authority
  • Block thin content with robots.txt or noindex tag
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