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How to get hired as an Android Developer

The first step in becoming Android developer is to understand what responsibilities you’ll have as an android developer and what technical and non-technical skills you should have to get hired as an android app developer. Because when you know this you’ll to really understand what skills you need in order to become an Android Developer. This is what we will discuss and list out the essentials tips to get hired as an Android Development.

Software engineering is a very popular profession and has always been an in-demand occupation, and therefore the demand for the highly qualified developer and programmer specialists can solely continue to grow in this predictable world with lucrative future. This is often very true when it comes to the world’s most popular smartphone OS (Operating System) - Android. There are over 3 million apps are available to download in the Google Play Store and among that there are over several hundreds of thousands of apps are free to download in Google Play Store every day which are developed by android developers across the globe. This is a substantial reason to believe that mastering android development skills and it guarantees your future employability.

This brings us to the question: What is it like to be an android developer? What responsibilities should you have to have in order to become an Android Developer? What are the core skills you must to master in android app development? Where should you explore for android developer jobs once you’ve perfect those skills? All these things will be taught in 7Pixelz's Android Development course in Chennai. Let us briefly take a look into How to get hired as an Android Developer.

Tips to get hired as an Android Development

  • Should know both Java and Kotlin
  • Essential Android SDK concepts
  • Decent Experience with SQL
  • Knowledge of Git
  • XML Basics
  • Should know Design Guidelines
  • Android Studio
  • Backend Programming Skills
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