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How to get started with Android Development

Not knowing where and how to get started with Android Development is one of the common things among student who are interested in learning Android Development course. You have many awesome ideas for an Android app and dreaming to make it happen and launch it on Google Play Store. But you don't know where and how start with developing process for your Android app? Many people think that knowing to code is just enough to develop a killer app. But this is only partially correct because there are several other things which should be taken into consideration in the development. Such as installing Android specific software and should know nitty gritty details of Android App Development.

First and foremost in getting started with Android Development is that it requires Software Development Kit, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) - Android Studio in most cases, JDK (Java Development Kit) and virtual device to test the functionality of the app. All the above mentioned need to set up before getting started Android Development. There are few important things which needed to be considered that is Google Play Services, API level, App design & Compatibility, Screen size and to name a few. With all this information and prerequisites, it should be enough for anyone to get started with the app development process. This blog is aimed at beginners to explain and discuss how to get started with Android Development and a few essential tips for it.

Beginners Tips to Get Started with Android Development

  • Download and Set up Android Studio
  • Learn Java or Kotlin or C++
  • Familiarize XML
  • Learn Android Components
  • Starting Coding
  • Test your App
  • Launch your App
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