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How to improve Android app performance

Since the world evovling and upgrading to newer technology everyday, companies are investing boatload of money for their products, websites and app. What's more important for them is to acqurie new clients and customers everyday. There are several ways to acqurie clients and one of the most sought method to get more customers is by having an impeccable android apps. Because having an Android app will let you to retain the customer for lifetime. But if and only if your app is flawless. Because when your Android app is having issues in terms of performance it will make people uninstall the app and look for better app. So ultimately, you are losing a bunch of potential customers. Having a proper Android app will you and your business many benefits over your competitors. Developing an Android app will give you lot of freedom for the Android developers. But there is always many hassles and challenges an Android Developers to make it flawless. So how exactly to improve the Android performance? The best way to improve android performance is to have a strong foundation in Android development course.

The biggest challenge in Android Development is that there are over 180 devices are supported by Android. Every device is not the same. Every device differ in screen size, keyboard and other important features. So keeping few things in mind to improve the Android performance. One of the most common problem in Android apps is Slow Rendering. Check out few tips to improve Android app perfomance.

Tips to improve Android app performance

  • Avoid Creating unnecessary Objects
  • Prefer static over virtual
  • String Vs. StringBuilder
  • Picking the correct Data type
  • Location Updates
  • Network Requests
  • AutoBoxing
  • OnDraw
  • Resizing Images
  • Strict Mode
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