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How to make Responsive Web Design

It's been 10 years since the revolution and evolution of smartphones and internet, and over these years smartphones have become inevitable which makes it ubiquitous. One essential thing to notice of these years is the smartphone and its screen sizes. The pixel depths have perpetually varying highly to a greater extent. Today, the smartphone's resolution starts at a modest 360 by 640 pixels on the lowest available models, whereas at the higher end, the screen resolution is greatly bumped up to display on 4K or FHD and UHD. Smartphone with greatly enhanced screen component is a game changer in the several aspects of online technologies like web designing.

Because of this, today, a website and its design should not only look great and attractive in just one screen such as desktops but also it should be seamlessly appealing other screen size and different smartphone screen size. So, it is quite important to design a website in a responsive manner so that it will comply and fits to the screen of the user. In this article, we will discuss the most effective way to create a website responsive in simple steps.

Responsive web design is aimed at providing the simplest and much better user experience across a broad range of platforms, regardless if you are browsing from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The concept of responsive web design is mainly devised to cater seamless user interface irrespective of the screen size. Most of the times, we use multiple screens to look at the web content, so a responsive web design will automatically adjust to match your screen size. To completely understand the core concepts of web designing and responsiveness, it is mandatory to complete web designing training.

Effective Tips to make a Responsive Web Design

  • Adopt a fluid Grid
  • Use Bootstrap and CSS3
  • Decide what web elements and content should be displayed on smaller screen
  • Use CSS to resize images automatically to screen size
  • Make use of pre-designed layout
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