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How to use GSC to improve to SEO and ranking

Using GSC precisely can be colossally useful for your online business. GSC is an acronym for Google Search Console which is often referred as Google Webmaster. As the name suggests, it is the master for your website as it can provide detailed reports of your website performance from the day it is configured. Google Search Console or Google webmaster can be useful for both SEO experts and beginners who have just finished their SEO course from SEO training best institutes in Chennai. It is a great place to get started with for optimizing keywords for the respective pages. Because almost every keyword research tools out there will only give you the search volume of that particular keyword and it's related content and keywords. But what GSC can do is just mind-blowing! Google webmaster will tell you how your website performs for any particular keyword. Additionally, it will provide you with the overall performance of your website and organic traffic segregated on the basis of keywords or queries and landing page. It can also tell you average CTR (Click-Through-Rate), impressions and positions (Google SERP rankings) for the whole website and even for individual pages.

Google Search Console is a great tool for technically optimizing your website for Search Engines. It can validate the sitemaps and robots.txt which are the key factors of Technical SEO. Also, it keeps track of both internal links and external links (Backlinks) with which you can fix the broken links.

So, in this blog, we will discuss how to use GSC to improve SEO and ranking.

  • Open Google Search Console
  • Click Performance in the left column
  • Select Average CTR, Impression & Average positions.
  • Sort by either - Average CTR, Impression & Average positions

Using Filters

  • Open Google Search Console
  • Click Performance
  • Select preferred date range to see performance
  • Or select compare tabs to compare the performance between the selected timeline
  • Click +NEW next Date filter
  • Select any one of the options to filter the results accordingly
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