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How to write a Blog post that everyone wants to read

Writing a blog post is nothing different than driving a car. You could go on to read the driving manuals (Googling "how to write blogs" in this case) and memorize it and keep everything in your fingertips. But you will only realize the real struggle when you get behind the wheels. Eventually, this is what prepares you to drive well and be courteous on roads. The same goes for blogging as well.

Since you are here now, we understand that you want to write a blog post that should generate hundreds of thousands website visitors every month. But it ain't gonna happen overnight. Be that as it may, but that isn't impossible to do. The key factor for writing impressive blogs is SEO. So it is highly suggested for anyone to take up SEO course or Digital marketing training to master the fundamentals of SEO and blogging. Writing a blog post might sound easy and simple, isn't it? Open your text editor and start typing right away. Done right? No. Writing a blog that generates tons and tons of website traffic is not simple and it is a real deal.

Blogging can sometimes be mind wrecking. Because finding a domain to blog about, creating countless drafts, organizing your thoughts, stuck with a blank page for every day and sparing no efforts in your work and this will end up with only 50 or 100 views a year later. Sounds dreadful, isn't it? So how to write an amazing blog that everyone wants to read and share. This blog will outline how to write a blog that people actually want to read.

Blogging Tips

  • Decide and Come up with what you want to write
  • Narrow down high potential topics
  • Check whether your topics and keywords can rank on Google
  • Start with the outline and summary of what you want to write
  • Create a Rough Draft
  • Get feedback for the rough draft
  • Make the necessary amendments
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