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How to write content that ranks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be both complicated and easy at the same time. "Content is the king of internet", a famous very saying in the world wide web and among the SEO experts and digital marketing peers. So, one of the most effective tools to get a website ranked on Google is CONTENT. Having a great piece of high quality content will not just stop with ranking a website on Google, also it will improve website traffic, generate leads and reach more people every day, builds trust for your brand. Content is seen as the first impression of your brand by potential customers.

According to recent studies by the Content Marketing Institute, it is evident that more than 85% of B2C and 90% of B2B companies are getting benefitted by content marketing. Almost 60% of marketing professionals agreed that on-page SEO and content development is the most effective SEO strategy and tactic when asked in a poll. So, how to write content that ranks at top positions on Google. To curate effective pieces of content that ranks on search engine, it is highly advised to take up an best SEO course to understand the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization which will be useful for a lifetime. Or one could easily hire an SEO company as they are experts and professionals who have the knack of ranking a website in no time.

Here are the tips to how to write or curate content that ranks on Google

  • Before creating content, research keywords extensively.
  • Assess the search intent & volume using Google Trendz & Adwords
  • Use keyword semantically and context fully to avoid keyword stuffing
  • Create useful & compelling content that suits your brand and target audience
  • Write for Meta tags: Title, Descriptions & keywords
  • Use keywords in Heading tags: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6
  • Linking the text
  • Make sure the content is compatible & can be viewed in all device
  • Use keywords in URL of the page
  • Submit the URL in sitemap
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