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How to write perfect SEO Title tags

Title is the first impression of your website for anyone before visiting. Greater the title tag higher will be the Click Through Rate (CTR). Improving SEO ranking is the ultimate aim of every small business online. That is how you can increase your website's visibility on the web or internet. Having a great title tag with high search intent will make people click your webpage's link on Google SERP. Title tags have more potential and hold more value to SEO than what most people think of. The title tag in SEO is just like the title of a book or film that attractive and gain more attention from the common folk. Most people say that title tags are just straight forward. But that's not true. There is much more when it comes to optimizing a title tag. You can master optimizing title tags for all page by taking up best SEO course or digital marketing course.

What is Title Tag?

Title Tag in SEO is an HTML element which is used to display the title of the respective webpage when it appears Google SERP. This meta title tag is visible on that particular page on the browser tab. Title Tags are often defined as the clickable headline of a webpage on Google SERP. It is quite significant for SEO, usability, visibility and social sharing. Title Tag of a webpage is regarded as the one-line description of that particular page's content.

Example title tag is given below

<title>Title of the page</title>

This blog will highlight the 4 easy steps to how to write a perfect SEO title tag.

  • Find and Use primary and focused keyword of that page
  • Create long tail version of that keyword
  • Write for your customer either with transactional or information intent
  • Highlight Uniqueness of the page.
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