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Learn HTML5 course in Chennai from trained and qualified professionals at the best HTML5 training institute in Chennai. Best quality hands-on training & affordable pricing. Weekdays & weekends batches available.

Looking to Learn HTML 5?

If you are someone who has been considering learning HTML5 Course in Chennai for quite some time but isn't still quite convinced of how HTML 5 training in Chennai will help spruce up your resume to utmost professional level and attract attention from top IT firms the world over, then this article is just for you.

Why learn HTML5?

HTML5 is an essential scripting markup language today since most of the devices are compatible with them. HTML5 training in Chennai offers you a great advantage to learn HTML5 so that it is compatible with the Web 2.0 content, at large. By Web 2.0, we mean rendering of audio and video files which play a major role in today's data consumption by the users. HTML5 training will help you to get rid of the age old div tags. It also offers a channel for HTML5 sites to operate even in offline. HTML5 course helps the developers to draft out neat code so that it gets maintainable.

What should I know previously to get started with HTML5?

It is better if you know HTML 4. Learn HTML 5 it is not mandatory to know HTML 4. A basic understanding of the various tags in HTML4 will help you to understand the transitions that has happened. Neverthless, you can get started directly with HTML5 itself i you have a thirst to create stunning web pages.

How to get started?

Understand how web works with HTML4. Learn the basic construction of a web page with the various markup syntaxes. Work through the exercises provided and get to know each and every module. Through HTML5 training, excel through the learning of new tags.

HTML5 training in chennai - Why is it special

HTML5 provides minimum local storage which helps you to build seamless applications without consuming much of local resources. This helps a lot of light-weight applications to be built and maintained. The session storage also gets a lot easier.

The support for javascript libraries are high that works across quite a lof of devices. HTML5 will help to accces your location which helps you to book a lot of location based services through your mobile itself.

A generic object tag helps you to embed a lot of elements to add grace to your site.

HTML5 training in chennai will help you to learn HTML5 that will allow drag and drop effects.

Instead of the age-old float-left, float-right, it uses new elements for web structure like nav, header, footer etc.

Rendering issues are highly taken care of, which implies that minor syntax issues are auto-corrected by themselves.

How does it vary from the previous version of HTML?

HTML expands to hypertext markup language. Hypertext is nothing but connection between pages, which basically implies how pages are connected with each other. Markup language is a syntax that tells the browser on how to render markup language to HTML page accordingly. The previous version of HTML which is HTML 4 is mainly created as a communication of the webpage to convey the message that it has. It mainly more of tags that had provided the meaning to render a basic webpage. With the coming of the age and the improvements in technology and vast innovations in communication mode, hTML5 comes to the rescue for better communication and liasing of the current communication methodologies used.

The Buzz Surrounding HTML 5

In the late '90s, a flashing GIF was the most dynamic content that one could possibly have on their website. Then Flash appeared in the early 2000s, bringing videos, animations and interactivity to all browsers and computers, even if it took forever for content to get uploaded equipped only with a 56K modem.

This uniformity of content was made possible by the Flash Player - a software responsible for all intros of websites featuring audio that would frighten the unsuspecting visitor to death, having the volume turned all the way up. Although it worked well, its obsolescence wasn’t unexpected owing to the introduction of HTML5, which offered better mobile compatibility and new features that allowed developers to integrate videos and add interactivity.

Even though Flash is still existent, here's why learning HTML5 course in Chennai will offer numerous career advantages and prospects

Dawn of The Mobile Age

According to recent statics, 52% of all web content is currently being viewed on mobile phones, compared to 25% three years ago and 10% five years ago. This means that more users will want to view content on a mobile phone.

Flash isn’t compatible with mobiles at all. In contrast, HTML5 works on all mobile operating systems and responds to all screen sizes and resolutions. By creating websites in HTML5, users can have access to them from everything from a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet, with the transition being almost seamless.

Offline caching, a brand new addition to HTML technology offers another advantage in that it allows webmasters to define which files the visitor's browser can save for offline reading, so users can revisit content at any time.

Developers and Leaners Can Use It As A Blank Canvas

The canvas and SVG elements of HTML5 are the reasons for its immense popularity. There was only one thing that Flash allowed one to do that HTML could not - the ability to draw. Adding a mini-game or an interactive, animated item to your website is a great way to engage your users. But before HTML5, Flash objects were the only way to do that. Canvas and SVG now allow you to draw both 2D/3D elements but also allow one to animate them using HTML and JavaScript. There are numerous examples online that prove exactly what the canvas element can do when used efficiently. In addition, many other tools to easily create such content have emerged in recent years. Easy to create, aesthetic and accessible on both desktops and mobile devices, HTML5 is a dream come true for all website developers.

Why HTML5 course in Chennai at 7Pixelz?

With the increased usage of internet, the world is becoming smaller and technology is enabling us to overcome language barriers and reach more people. It is undeniable that globalization is a very important factor when developing an effective website, but Flash makes this process extremely difficult. Exporting strings for translation can often be a tedious process, and subsequent importing causes even more problems, especially if the language uses a non-Latin character set or is a language that is written from right to left (such as Japanese, Arabic or Hebrew).

Conversely, the HTML5 standard has been designed with provision for multilingualism. HTML5 allows for easier extraction of content, facilitating and expediting everything from form submission process to last look, reducing the amount of time and frustration of all those involved. It also supports geolocation and enhanced semantic tags, which allows us to create cleaner, more understandable code, making it easier for web crawlers and translation applications to interpret content.

In addition, the new attribute allows developers to tag elements that need to be translated to HTML5 or use, which allows localization tools and translation providers to know that content must not be modified.

The Tip of The Iceberg

The details metioned above are just some of the key selling points of HTML5 technology for the website and software development industries. Here are some additional reasons to learn HTML 5 - Cross-Browser Compatibility - HTML5 has significant support from all popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera) and, while not all may be able to support each new HTML5 feature simultaneously, they will be at least accessible.

Game Development - When you master the HTML5 course in Chennai, you can also develop a game using HTML5. With the addition of the new canvas tag, HTML5 is a great way to develop fun and interactive mobile games. Imagining all game ideas that can be turned into reality is reason enough to learn HTML5 course in Chennai.

Clean Code - With simple, elegant and readable formatting, HTML5 enables developers to write clean, descriptive code that offers easy separation between style and content. It also facilitates the preparation and localization of the content.

7PIXELZ - The Premier HTML 5 Training Institute in Chennai

If you feel convinced after reading this article, then you would love to learn and master HTML5 training in Chennai. To accomplish it, you should hunt for a good and well-established training institute with umpteen years of experience in coding, developing, interactive and thrilling training programs. If you want to take HTML5 couse in Chennai, then 7PIXELZ is your one-stop destination. Training at 7PIXELZ offers the following unique advantages


We get that our students would love to learn at their own pace and time, that is our flexible batch system allows for students to pick a batch of their choice at their preferred time - either on the weekend or during the week.

Experienced Trainers

All trainers at 7PIXELZ are highly experienced in the field of software and web development professionals who have worked at some of the biggest organizations, around the globe. The invaluable experience they possess enables them to impart knowledge to our students incredibly seamlessly, making the process of learning thrilling, fun and interesting.

Convenient Locations

7PIXELZ has its HTML5 training institute in Chennai spread across the hotspots of Chennai. With eight branches all over the city, you could select one closest to your home and travel with total convenience. 7PIXELZ has branches in - Adyar, Besant Nagar, Sashtri Nagar.

Advanced Infrastructure

We believe the best learning tools are needed for flawless development and training. That is why at 7PIXELZ, our training facilities are equipped with nothing short of top-of-the-line equipment, computers, and other learning tools.

At 7PIXELZ, we offer a variety of courses for those who are looking to make it big in the IT and other industries. For more information on the HTML5 course in Chennai, course fees, batch availability, etc, feel free to get in touch with us at 7PIXELZ, anytime. We’d love to hear from you!

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