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Image SEO Tips

Image SEO is a technical term and it plays major role in On-Page SEO. Images are what makes a website or webpage appealing to visitors. But to Search Engine Bots? Images don't really matter. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't have images on your website. As said, well optimized images can skyrocket your SEO rankings. When it comes to images, search engine bots don't really care what's on the image instead it will take the alt text given to the image into account. This makes image SEO the real deal for SEO companies and experts. You could often see people stressing or emphasizing more about images when it comes to On-page SEO. You may also end spending up more time on choosing right set of images to enhance their blogs, product pages and few more important pages. But the real question is are you optimizing those images right? Sometime it could be time consuming. But when you complete SEO course or Digital marketing training, you will be able to master Image SEO in a most efficient way.

When it comes to image SEO, most people online suggests to come up with attractive alt text. In fact, it is regarded as the most common part. But it is not as simple as that. Image are the only option to make your website visually appealing and make your visitors stay on your website for longer time. Doing thing will increase the dwell time which will eventually decrease the bounce rate effectively. Also, well optimized images can influence the Google SERP ranking in a good way and enhance the overall SEO of your website. Check out How to optimize image on your website and actionable Image SEO tips.

  • Appropriately name the images
  • Describe the image in alt text using keywords
  • Choose the best format
  • Resize your image and make it responsive
  • Leverage lossless compression
  • Create sitemap for images
  • Use vector graphics (SVG)
  • Create schema markup for image
  • Devise lazy loading
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Use Content Delivery networks (CDN)
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