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Important Fundamentals of Android Development

It is a well known fact that Android is an operating system especially for smartphones and smart devices like Televisions, Tablets, Smartwatches and so on. Android is developed on the base of Linux and a few other open source software. Android is developed by Google. Today most of the smartphones are equipped with a touch screen so Android is also developed to meet this and other several requirements. Since there is increased usage of smartphones across the globe, Android has become one of the most popular operating systems for smartphones. Initially, Android OS was developed by Android Inc. which is then acquired by Google in 2005. Owing to this gigantic mountainous popularity, companies have started investing in creating best and unique Android apps like Games, music players, cameras and so much more exciting apps. Shockingly, it is reported that over 3.3 million Android apps are available to download on Google play store as of today. Most of the times the Android apps are developed using Android Studio. These android apps are installed as an Android Package Kit (APK) in order to execute on the smartphone.

If you're interested in developing Android Apps, then it is quite important to take up Android Development course to understand the Fundamentals. This blog is aimed at explaining the important fundamentals of Android Development for beginners. Most of the programmers are keen to learn to Android development for the same reason - Android has the world by storm. Android development is one field where there are very high job opportunities. Because of this high demand for Android Developer and the programmers find this is a driving force to learn Android Developer. So we have listed the important fundamental of the Android Development.

Android Development Fundamentals for Beginners

  • Master Programming Languages - Java, XML
  • Familiarize the best Development Tools
  • Extensive knowledge of Android components
  • Structural Layout of Android Application
  • Life cycle of Android App
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