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Is Java Dead?

“Is Java dead?” this question pops up every single year. We get the question often by students who are contemplating to learn Java. Yet by all external markers, Java is alive, well, and growing when the newer programming languages grab the headlines. According to TIOBE index, Java has been awarded the top programming language of Year in 2015 and also proves the above-mentioned statement wrong by stating that Java is enjoying 5% growth in use since 2014 compared to all other programming languages.

Furthermore interestingly, the PYPL Index usually ranks programming languages on the basis of how typically programming language tutorials are searched on Google. The results show Java as the most searched programming language around the globe and it does clearly get in front with 23.9% of the overall search volume.

There umpteen compelling reasons why Java isn't Dead yet. For starters, there is a considerably huge improvement in Java over the last 2 years (the boom in the field of android development, the launch of Java 8, the growth in the Spring community, particularly Spring Boot). This kinds of market dominance come only from having an excellent product. Find out why Java is still in the Game.

Why Java isn't Dead

Although many people say that Java is one among the programming languages which are in the decline phase. Nevertheless, many reports show that Java is at the top of the table in comparison to other popular programming languages. It may have dropped appreciably between 2016 and 2017, however, more recently Java resurrected with its new releases.

From this perspective, it’s simply unconventional to think that Java is ‘dead’ or ‘dying’ one of the most popular and widely used programing language on the world. When you consider everything else that that entails – the huge active community shows additional support, an in depth system of frameworks, libraries and alternative tools (note Spring Boot’s growth as a response to the microservice revolution). One can say that Java is still in the game and still there is tons of hope in it.

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