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Is Java Hard to Learn?

It doesn't matter if you are new to the world of programming languages, you might have at least heard a word Java in your high school or college. Java is a most popular and widely used object-oriented (OOP) programming language and it’s still being used all around the world according to Tiobe’s index. In addition to that, Java developers earn quite over other the programmers who are well versed in other programming languages according to the Tech Republic. With taking all these into consideration, learning Java doesn't seem like a coup anymore, right? Be that as it may, is Java hard to learn and difficult to master or does it consume too much of time after all?

When created a poll in one of the Facebook group of Java Programmers, that is a popular and active group of over 100 thousand Java programmers and developers of all levels of expertise from beginner to expert of over ten years. The unanimous aim of this Facebook group is quite similar to that of Comp Sci Central; to share and help to grow members learning curve. There were totally 324 programmers participated in the poll asking regarding their personal expertise in Java and whether Java is hard to learn.

The response to this poll was really overwhelming in which almost 75% of participant opted that Java is not a hard programming language to learn. Java is typically known for being easier to learn and use compared to its predecessor, C++. However, Java is also popular for being slightly harder to learn than Python because of Java’s comparatively prolonged syntax. If you’ve already learned either Python or C++ before you start to learn Java then it definitely won’t be hard.

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