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Is it Worth learning Kotlin?

Java is go to option for developers to create Android Development. This is because of Java's motto Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) and it is the most popular programming language that offer umpteen benefits to development of applications not just Android but for web applications as well. Owing to the advantages and benefits, Java language has gained widespread popularity with multiple configurations. All these updated configurations have made Java a platform independent programming language which includes Macintosh, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mobile applications and some software for enterprise application. Since the technology is faster than ever, the importance of both web and mobile application is growing larger. All these things have Java the foundation for most networking applications. Java is reckoned as the best programming language compared to other programming languages.

Most of the Java Developers are updated to Java 8 and they are stuck with old school Java 6 and 7. So Android developer deliberately missing exciting features of Java 8. This has become a standard and looks like it never going to improve and upgrade to latest Java 8. So that's how Kotlin gained popularity and slowly taking over Java. Just like Java Kotlin is also an open source language which is why today most of the developers are more likely to use Kotlin for app Development. Certainly if you are curious about developing apps for android or learning Android Development course, one thing you should keep is that Kotlin is a fast and light weight programming language turning into essential skill that every Android Developer should have. One of the explanations why Kotlin is being mostly preferred by Android developers in the first place is because of it full interoperability with Java. Meaning you wil be able to seamlessly call out scripts and other function from one to the other without any error or bug. However, programmers currently prefer Kotlin because it's in-built null safety, with a type system that guards against null reference exceptions. In this blog, we have highlighted more compelling reason to learn Kotlin.

Why should you learn Kotlin

  • Kotlin Experience in demand
  • Will be able to develop faster
  • Improve the quality of the app
  • Can be used existing Java libraries
  • Easily Maintainably
  • Less buggy
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