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Is PHP Secure?

The first and foremost fundamental misconception about PHP is whether it is secure or not. According to Anthony Ferrara who is PHP core contributor and security expert, PHP is as secure as any other programming language. We all know that PHP is one of the world's most preferred and popular programming language. To make things even more interesting, almost 80% of the website on the internet is based on or running on PHP. To bolster this statement, the most popular websites that are powered by PHP are Wikipedia, Facebook and Yahoo. If companies like Facebook and WordPress are worried about the security of PHP, then they wouldn't be using it in the first place. Since PHP is server side scripting language, it is quite common for the people to question its security often. The problems and errors exist in PHP also exist in other programming languages as well.

How secure is PHP?

Since PHP is quite popular around the globe, the security of PHP is a significant thing to consider while creating or building a new website. Because there are umpteen PHP sites and application which are susceptible to hackers and virus attacks. Most of the times, PHP application tend to share a part of its code or script with other web application. If this shared part of code is vulnerable, then the whole of the application becomes vulnerable. But this degree of susceptibility is common in every single programming language. To avoid this kind of vulernability, it is recommended that one should use PHP data object, in order to execute prepared statements in PHP scripts. Since this is advanced levels of PHP coding, one can learn PHP course to comprehend the advanced level of PHP coding.

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