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Is PHP still Good in 2020?

Internet is close to infinitely huge with millions of trillions of webpages and website. There is an end to it somewhere. But that's totally unpredictable. Hundreds of thousands of websites are being launched every day and these numbers don't seem to stop or decrease in the future. What's more interesting in a developer's perspective is that what is the most used or preferred programming language to create or build these many websites? Choosing a programming language is always a daunting task for anyone who wants to create a new website. Even experts consider this as one of the hard decision to make. Because there are tons of choice available out there just like how a kid would feel in a candy store.

Be that as it may, this will highlight whether PHP still good in 2020? Because PHP is the most preferred and versatile programming language according to many web developers. Even most popular content management systems like (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc) use PHP as a core programming language. But there is ongoing debate on the internet recently that Is PHP still good in 2020? Because of advanced technology and latest version of other programming language are available out there. We would like to give our perspective on why PHP is still a better programming language in 2020. Let's delve into why it is better.

Advantages of PHP

  • Open source
  • Scalability
  • High Speed
  • Excellent security
  • Cost efficient
  • Greater Customization

PHP is Still Good

PHP is still reckoned as a versatile, easy and light programming language. Because PHP provides greater functionality and quick development to release cycle. With PHP, you can create a website or complete a project quickly. PHP requires only basic programming knowledge which makes it easy for inexperienced programmers as well. To do so, you must learn PHP course to understand the fundamentals of PHP. As there are lot of career opportunities associated with PHP. Even today, PHP remains one of the most preferred programming languages. Most popular websites like Facebook, Yahoo, Flickr, Tumblr, and Wikipedia use PHP as their core programming language.

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