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Java Framework vs Libraries vs API

Java Libraries

A Java library is a assortment or collection of most often used precompiled routines or resources which included classes, templates, configuration information and data, etc. The libraries are available and accessible for a computer program to use.

Libraries is mainly used instead of writing the code for several functions on every occasion when the task is needed to perform. So these routines are created to be used whenever required and can be called whenever the task has to be performed. If a resource is required, the program calls the library for it.

Java Framework

Java is defined technically as - A framework is an assortment of Java libraries in most cases. The main difference between Java Framework and Libraries is understood as "inversion of control", which implies that in the case of a framework, you don’t call it. The framework does the line of work as it has the management to call the required function. Generally, the framework already has the template or frame of what's required, which implies that it will necessitate the resources it needs based on what’s already there (the holes in the code that required to be filled).


A framework is quite similar to an application programming interface (API). However, a framework technically includes an API. The framework could be a sort of foundation for programming, whereas an API provides access to the elements and components that the framework supports.

A framework could include a library, a compiler, and different programs that are used during the application development process. So if there is a decent framework, a developer doesn’t have to be compelled to deal with repeated pieces of code used across a website or application.

So in a nutshell, a library could be an assortment of certain functions of an application, a framework is regarded as the skeleton of the application whereas the API brings them all together for the user.

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