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Java vs Python

This blog will compare the two most popular programming language in the world and highlight the major difference between Java and Python. To make things clear, it is not biased to a particular programming language or this blog is not to decide which is the best programming language. Both Java and Python boasts a huge active community across the globe and they also support a large number of libraries to perform all types of programs. So choosing a particular programming language is solely depends on the developer or programmer. Also, if you are student who want to learn Java or Python, this will be quite helpful to understand the basic difference between the two. Let us delve into the details of Java vs Python.


Java: It is object oriented programming language which is often used for developing application ranging from web to mobile to enterprise application.

Python: It is more of high level object oriented programming language which is mostly used for web development purpose, AI (artificial intelligence), automation, machine learning and other data science related application.

Open source support

Java: It is well known fact that Java is free and open source but except for corporate use.

Python: The case is same as Java but additionally Python is open source for all.

Platform dependencies

Java: is platform independent as it can be written once and run anywhere.

Python: is platform dependent.

Compiled or Interpreted

Java: Usually, to run a Java program it needs to be compiled. So Java programs are first translated to bytecode at compile time. Note that it is not runtime.

Python: It is an interpreted programming language where Python programs are translated at runtime.

Types of Errors

Java: Normally, Java is types statically.


Python is typed dynamically.

Execution Speed

Java: Java is executed faster compared to Python.

Python:Python is executed slower compared to Java.

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