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Kotlin Features that every Android Developer must know

Gone are the days, when Java ruled the entire world not just the world of computers but also the smartphones as well. But with today's burgeoning technology, Java has taken a setback. Because there are many programming languages in the market today which offer much better features compared to Java. When it comes to Android app development, Kotlin has taken over Java. One thing to notice is that Kotlin was first in 2011. But it has gained all the popularity and fame only after Google announced that Kotlin is one of the official programming languages for developing Android application. What's more interesting is that even many Android Development courses have started covering Kotlin in their curriculum. This shows the impact and importance of Kotlin in Android Development. But all these things doesn't mean Java is out of the game. In fact, it isn't going anywhere.

Developing an Android app is quite impossible without learning Java. So even to develop an Android app using Kotlin you should know the basics of Java and know how Java works. With that being said, since Kotlin is the new trend, you should really know why it is taking over Java. Not just that but you should know how Google supports the language strategically to make it default go-to option for the Android developers and companies. Right now, Kotlin is the new programming language for Android development and this doesn't mean that it can't be ignored and sidelined by Java. So let's check out the best features of kotlin that every Android Developers should be aware of

Best Kotlin Features for Android Developers

  • Standard Library Functions
  • Null Safety
  • Collections and Streams
  • Named Parameters
  • String Interpolation
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