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Most Common Mistake in Android Development

Android - Brief Explanation

In today's technological world, Android has made a huge impact on our lives. The number of smartphone users increases day by day and this makes Android - the most popular and most preferred Operating System for mobile devices. Even other smart devices like TV, watches and Tablets have started Android as their core Operating System. The usage of Android in smartphones contributes to 85% of the smartphones user around the globe. Interestingly, this operating system is getting better and better every year with brand new features. one of the main reason why it is humongously popular is that it is completely free, customizable and can be used a wide range of devices.

Android is a burgeoning technology making the world move faster and faster. Almost everything has become dependent on Android and Android phones right from booking a cab to online banking. People feel that Android is very secure and prefer using it anytime. With ceaseless updates and upgrades, Android is never going to go out of trend. And the fact that it is now owned by Google makes it a more compelling reason for people trust it as the whole world is now completely dependent on Google. Owing to this, business is constantly upgrading online and in high need to develop an Android app in order to retain the existing customer and attract new ones as well. So, this has opened up a huge demand for Android developers with handsome packages. Obviously, students, today, are more willing to learn Android Development course to get lucrative jobs. Android Development is not as easy as it might sound because there are a whole lot of things to remembered and taken to considerations developing an app. So we listed the most common mistake to avoid while developing an Android app

Most common mistakes to avoid while Developing an Android App

  • Rewriting existing codes
  • Developing for your android device
  • Improper usage of bitmaps
  • Not using intents and fragments
  • Blocking main threads
  • Not employing list view Hierarchy
  • Not Setting the minSdkVersion to 14
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