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Most Common Screen Size in Web Design

Microsoft's Window XP screen size of 1024×768 resolution had been the most common screen size across the WorldWide Web. Even though there have been higher and better choices, however, they still remained the most often used screens on the internet. But that was a long time ago. According to the most recent information from StatCounter, 1366×768 screens have just surpassed 1024×768 as the most often used and most popular screen resolution used by the user across the globe to StatCounter’s global network of websites. Three years before, 1024×768 still accounted for pretty much 42% of all users that added up to roughly 3 million sites that use StatCounter. Today, that number has fallen to 18.6% and 1366×768 screens currently account for 19.28%, increased by just 0.68% in May 2009.

The commonly used screen size and resolution are the two main topics that pop up in the discussion between client and web designer. Back in the days, the higher the screen size higher the cost of designing a website. Limiting screen size only to fewer devices. For the smaller devices like mobile phones, web designer are compelled to create a newer version of the website with new screen size.

Another resolution that's slowly declining in usage is 1280×800. This used to be a particularly fashionable and commonly used resolution on laptops, however latest machines currently provide higher resolutions.

With the advancement in the technologies, the web design has evolved to the responsive web design. Because of this all web designer has upgraded and started designing a responsive web design and updated their packages as well. If you're interested in learning Web designing, then you should definitely take up the latest Web Designing training.

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